Better to fly!


Will you be flying or taking another means of transportation? That is the question that travellers are often faced with. Especially on routes within Germany spanning distances farther than 300 kilometres, a Lufthansa flight is recommended for its cost to benefit ratio. Three strong arguments make it a sound choice:

The price of a Lufthansa flight is persuasive. The Lufthansa connections within Germany are affordable to book - and include a free seat which you can select and reserve yourself during Check-In online or on your mobile phone. Onboard Lufthansa flights, there is also of course a large selection of beverages and a snack is always included.

A Lufthansa flight saves time. With Lufthansa, you’ll reach your destination much faster, always land at centrally located airports - and save valuable time for your business appointments.

A Lufthansa flight is stress-free. Even in Economy Class, we await you with lots of comfort and courteous service. If you fly Business Class, because the seat next to you is always empty, you’ll have much more privacy - and even before takeoff, you’ll find the best conditions to work in the Lufthansa Lounges.

These are three arguments that might come to mind when you plan your nex trip within Germany. So that you can arrive at your preferred destination faster, more affordably and completely stress-free.