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It’s a long way to the opposite part of the world, so you made the right decision to book your flight to Japan with our comfortable and modern aircraft. Whether you are on a business trip or on vacation, the exotic beauty of Japan will thrill you. Whether you are seeking historical monuments, hidden landscapes or big city entertainment, Japan delivers with full hands. Chances are you will go to Tokyo (TYO-NRT) first, the world renowned capital on the east coast of Japans main island Honshu. Tokyo is famous for traditional sights like the Emperors Palace or the Meiji Shrine. But it is also famous for the crazy Japanese pop culture with whole parts of the city like Akihabara dedicated to manga, anime, cosplay and maid cafes. A shopping trip to Shibuya is as unavoidable to experience the vibrant atmosphere of Tokyo as is a party night in Roppongi.

High-Speed trains and snow sculptures

To get around in Japan take the famous bullet trains, the Shinkansen. They are fast, reliable and much cheaper for tourists than renting a car or flying. If you happen to be in Japan in winter, try the northern island Hokkaido and visit the many skiing areas around Sapporo. Every February the Sapporo Snow Festival draws large crowds with gigantic sculptures. If you visit Sapporo in the summer, when the southern parts of Japan are in their rainy season, you can experience the Sapporo Yosakoi Soran Matsuri, a dance festival like no other in the world. A Yosakoi dance team has up to 150 members, 300 teams compete in Sapporo and up to a million spectators enjoy the colourful display.

History, landscapes and cherry blossoms

World famous are the cherry blossom festivals, Hanami, that are celebrated all over Japan. The earliest is in the most southern prefecture of Okinawa around the end of February. Travel north with the cherry blossoms to visit Osaka and the old capital of Kyoto. Especially Kyoto is full of historical sights, temples, shrines and castles that made it on the UNESCO world heritage list. To get a feel for Japanese landscape, visit the Fuji Hakone Izu National Park, with the iconic Fuji volcano at its center. Another great destination is Nikko, a town at the entrance of Nikko National Park, where mountains, lakes, hot springs and wild monkeys await the adventurous traveler. But the real fame of Nikko comes from Toshogu, a gigantic Shinto shrine and mausoleum to Tokugawa Ieyasu, who was the first of the Tokugawa shoguns. The famous three monkeys that hold shut eyes, ears and mouth are found here. Make sure to make the best of your stay in Japan, but if you feel there is so much more to see and experience, there is always another great flight to Japan.

More sightseeing in Japan

  • Biwa Lake, biggest lake in Japan
  • Beppu, famous hot springs with bathing monkeys
  • Ueno Park, Tokyo

Japanese Airports

  • Tokyo-Narita (NRT)
  • Osaka Kansai (KIX)
  • Chūbu (NGO)

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