Has your baggage been damaged?


Information about damaged baggage


We are very sorry that your baggage has been damaged in transit. Please be assured that we are taking all necessary measures to repair the damage.


Reporting your damaged baggage to us

Report the damage immediately at the airport

Should one or more of your bags be damaged on arrival, please report this immediately so that an official report can be filed. You will then receive a written confirmation with a reference number. Please keep this safe as you will need it again.

You must report the damage immediately after arrival to the Lufthansa baggage tracing desk at the airport or to the Lufthansa airport ticket team.

Making a subsequent complaint about damage

If you do not notice the damage until you are at home or in a hotel, be sure to report it in writing within the legally prescribed period of seven days after your flight. You must also produce evidence that the damage occurred whilst the bag was in the care of the airline concerned. As soon as we have received your completed damage report, we will send you a written confirmation with a reference number.

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Compensation, liability and insurance

In the event that your baggage is damaged in our care, we will compensate you under our conditions of liability for the damage that has occurred. You will find more detailed information about this here:

Liability and insurance


Are individual items missing from your checked baggage?

Information on the procedure for the loss of individual items from your baggage

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