Debits via the SEPA Direct Debit System

Authorisation for direct debiting

I hereby instruct and authorise Deutsche Lufthansa AG to collect the indicated invoice amount from my account, designated by an IBAN (International Banking Account Number). At the same time, I authorise the payment service provider administering my account to debit my account in the amount charged by Deutsche Lufthansa AG.

Address disclosure authorisation

I hereby irrevocably authorise my credit institution, designated by the indicated IBAN, to disclose my name and address to Deutsche Lufthansa AG or its proxy on request in the case of a failed or opposed direct debit, so that claims may be enforced against me.

Blacklist query

As part of the SEPA direct debit process, Deutsche Lufthansa AG has commissioned the service provider DESKO GmbH in Bayreuth to review whether your IBAN is included in a blacklist. This blacklist includes the bank information of Lufthansa customers that have led to bad debt for Deutsche Lufthansa AG in previous debit charges. This procedure is intended to protect both parties, from the abuse of your bank information by unauthorised third parties and from bad debt on the part of Deutsche Lufthansa AG.

Authorisation to be included in a blacklist

In the case of a failed direct debit, my name, address, IBAN, card number, and details of the failed payment will be entered in the blacklist of Deutsche Lufthansa AG. I will be removed from the blacklist three months after the invoice amount has been paid.