View and manage flight

Manage bookings online

Einzelne Buchungen bearbeiten // Manage individual bookings

Manage individual bookings

Using your booking code you have access to all your flights. You can make an advance seat reservation, rebook or cancel a flight, request special meals and book a Rail&Fly ticket at any time. You can also book a hotel or a rental car directly, or even take out travel insurance.

In addition, you can enter passport and visa information, and enter details for the Secure Flight program.

Erweiterte Funktionen nach Login // Advanced features after login

Advanced features after login

After login, you will get an overview of all your bookings in your profile and you can manage these quickly and easily. Carry out upgrades, receive special access to advance seat reservation as a status customer and benefit from automated check-in.

You can also update your saved preferences, contact and frequent flyer details at any time.