Passengers requiring wheelchairs

Find out more about the services for Lufthansa passengers who are dependent on a wheelchair at the airport and on board.

Booking and reservation

When you book your trip, you can help us to provide the service you need on the ground and during your flight. We require some advance information from you so that we can ensure your comfort at the airport and on board our aircraft. Please let us know what assistance you require at least 48 hours before departure to ensure you receive the best support. We can no longer guarantee the best assistance and support if you register at shorter notice.

Please let us know what assistance you require either by telephone or online. When booking tickets by telephone or at a travel agency, please indicate your needs before completing the booking.

Please note that this online service is only available in German and English.

Please note that, in principle, you are free to choose the seat that best meets your requirements. Please note, however, that for safety reasons there may be restrictions on your choice. Almost all seats on the Lufthansa fleet have moveable armrests which make access to your seat easier. If you wish to use a seating device on your seat, then for safety reasons we must check the device beforehand. In such cases, please contact our Medical Operation Centre.

In addition, we can transport up to two mobility aids (e.g. wheelchair or walking frame) free of charge either in the cabin or in the hold.

Your own battery-powered wheelchair

If you are travelling with your own battery-powered wheelchair, you must ascertain in advance for safety reasons whether this battery may be carried on an aircraft.

Please complete the form below and email it to us at Based on the details you provide, we will check whether it is possible to transport your battery-powered wheelchair.

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Services in detail