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Like all countries of the Balkan region, Bosnia-Herzegovina emerged from the break-up of former Yugoslavia. Today it is one of the most active tourist destination of the area, with activities ranging from winter sports in the mountains around Sarajevo to beach live on the Adriatic Sea around the town of Neum. Bosnia and Herzegovina contain vast regions of the Southern Alps, where the Olympic Winter Games of 1984 took place. For the winter sports enthusiast the region is a well-kept secret, because here a great natural ski resort with good infrastructure is combined with very moderate prices. The best known ski resorts Mt. Bjelasnica and Mt. Jahorina are in the vicinity of Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Near the old town of Travnik is another ski center in central Bosnia, Vlasic Mountain. Kupres and Blidinje Nature Park are in the far west of the country and are whispered to be the up-and-coming area for adventurous winter travelers.

As a country that has the mountains of the Southern Alps as well as a Mediterranean climate, there are endless possibilities for exploring the vast nature by hiking and mountain biking during the summer. Here you can observe bears, wolves, chamois, eagles and deer, because the wildlife of Bosnia-Herzegovina is rich and diverse. One of the best ways to enjoy the countryside is whitewater rafting and kayaking, which are very popular in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The three rivers tour is highly recommended by the connoisseurs: the Tara River in the vicinity of Sutjeska National Park, said to be the deepest river canyon in Europe, the Una River in the northwest and the Neretva River in Herzegovina.

For the more relaxing holiday you can have some time on the beach of the Adriatic Sea, there is a stretch of coast where Bosnia-Herzegovina has access to the sea. Around the village of Neum there is all the beach life infrastructure you can hope for and fantastic Dalmation cooking. If you are sun-soaked enough there are also destinations for daytrips, like Split and Dubrovnik in neighboring Croatia, the Kravica waterfalls, the caves of Vetrenjica and the beautiful city of Mostar.

For the city tourist Sarajevo is a great destination that has been shaped by the Byzantine and Ottoman empires of the east and the Roman, Venetian and Austro-Hungarian empires of the west. In the beautiful old ottoman part of town, the Bascarsija, you find orthodox and catholic churches, synagogues and mosques in the same neighborhood. Sarajevo with its four Universities has also developed a party culture that is without rivals in the area. There are also the renowned Sarajevo Film Festival and a yearly Jazz Festival among other activities. Bosnia-Herzegovina has developed from its chaotic start to a beautiful and underestimated tourist attraction. Get your flight to Bosnia-Herzegovina and explore the most beautiful lands of the Balkans.

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