Lufthansa Allegris – just the way you want it

The world is big. A wonderful, unique blend of people, cultures and stories. This diversity comes together on board our flights, and is reflected in the personalities of our passengers. Because travelling is the expression of individuality, the desire for freedom and personal development. With Lufthansa Allegris we offer our passengers a travel experience that suits them.

Can travel be thought of in a new and more personal way?

Lufthansa Allegris – feel at home away from home

A private trip today, a business trip tomorrow. Sometimes alone, sometimes with family or friends. The reasons for travelling are as diverse as our passengers. And the expectations associated with this depend on the most diverse situations. So, take a seat. Find the seat in which you feel comfortable. With Lufthansa Allegris discover a new travel experience, tailored to your wishes and requirements.

Lufthansa Allegris is our promise to focus even more on you as our guest. That’s why we’re taking travel to a new level across all classes. That’s why we’ve radically rethought seats, cabins and services.  From spring 2024, the first aircraft providing this new travel experience will enhance our fleet. Additional state-of-the-art long-haul aircraft will then follow later in the year, equipped for the first time with our new Allegris First Class. Join us on this new long-haul experience and look forward to a future with more and more latest-generation aircraft. Flying is becoming more personal than ever before. Welcome to Lufthansa Allegris.

Tailor-made for you – discover our new travel classes

With us you should feel at home – on every single flight and in all our rethought travel classes. Whether you’re in Economy, Premium Economy, Business Class or First Class, look forward to individual and very personal moments of wellbeing above the clouds. Familiarize yourself now with the details, big and small, of our new premium concept. And what’s especially exciting, our new suites, re-designed from scratch and with higher partitions and closable doors that offer maximum privacy. Be inspired by the ample highlights of our First Class Suites and look forward to our new Business Class Suite.

First Class

Close the door. Arrive. Feel good. In our new First Class you’ll experience the dream of flying anew. Whether you’re travelling alone or with a partner, you’ll enjoy maximum privacy and superb comfort in our suites. Higher partitions, luxurious materials and generous amounts of personal space ensure the perfect feel-good atmosphere on board.

Smart details such as individually adjustable lighting and the 10-inch tablet for controlling all your seat, lighting and entertainment functions will make your journey unforgettable.

  • Exceptional seating comfort – extra-wide seat with seat heating and cooling function
  • Spacious table – for top-quality meals or for working
  • Personal wardrobe with a large mirror  get changed undisturbed within your own four walls

Perfect for you and your wishes – discover all the features of our new suites now.

First Class Suite Plus

Whether you’re travelling as a couple or alone, the spacious and private First Class Suite Plus leaves nothing to be desired. Enjoy our popular First Class caviar service at the large table and look forward to plenty of space for relaxing or working.

  • Restful sleep – two separately controllable extra-wide seats can be converted into a spacious single bed or a double bed
  • Brilliant pictures and excellent entertainment – on a large 43-inch monitor in 4K quality, with wireless charging and with the best sound quality thanks to wireless noise-cancelling headphones

First Class Suite

Freedom that inspires: the new First Class Suite will become your personal feel-good oasis. Simply close the door and enjoy the view above the clouds. In your private suite with higher partitions you’ll experience maximum privacy – and the individually controllable lighting will create just the right atmosphere.

  • Optimal sleeping comfort – extra-wide seats that convert into a spacious bed at night ensure restful nights
  • High-resolution, 32-inch, 4K monitor – great entertainment above the clouds with Bluetooth connection, wireless charging and optimal sound thanks to wireless, noise-cancelling headphones

Business Class

With our new Business Class we’re giving your wishes and expectations more freedom – and lots of opportunities to personalize your trip. Because the choice is yours: between a window seat with plenty of extra privacy, the Business Class Suite and other experiences. With seven different seats you’re sure to find the perfect one for your requirements.

Every seat can be individually heated or cooled as desired and provides direct access to the aisle. Details such as the individually adjustable lighting and the 10-inch tablet for controlling all seat, lighting and entertainment functions ensure the right atmosphere on board.

  • Especially comfortable seating – ergonomically shaped, smoothly and flexibly adjustable seats with adjustable headrest and lumbar support in the backrest
  • Maximum privacy – the seat shells, which are at least 114-cm-high, ensure greater privacy
  • Plenty of space for working and dining – generously designed, stable tables and shelf spaces with lockable storage compartments
  • Excellent entertainment on board ­– 18-inch, 4K monitor with noise-cancelling headphones
  • Technology that makes life easier – wireless charging for your devices, sockets and the option of connecting your own devices to the entertainment system via Bluetooth

One Business Class – seven possibilities. Discover the seat that suits you and your individual requirements.

Business Class Suite

Your own feel-good oasis in the first row: the new Business Class Suite is impressive with its higher partitions and doors that you can close completely. Thanks to its exclusive position in the first row you’ll enjoy peace and quiet and lots of privacy. Look forward to a relaxed flight with the highest level of comfort and the best service – both day and night.

  • Spacious living area – personal suite with lots of space, your own wardrobe, abundant storage space and a small minibar
  • Travel together and feel good – thanks to the flexible room divider, two adjacent single Business Suites become a double suite
  • Single suite with panoramic view – your own private window seat with optimal sleeping comfort
  • Entertainment above the clouds – 27-inch, 4K monitor with great sound thanks to noise-cancelling headphones

Business Class Extra Long Bed

Lots of space that not only tall passengers will enjoy: the new Business Class seat with extra-long, 2.2-m bed ensures more restful sleep.

  • Plenty of extra sleeping space – 2.2-m-long bed offers even very tall people enough space to relax and dream
  • Good neighbourliness – flexible privacy screen between the seats ensures increased privacy


Business Class Privacy Seat

Would you like greater privacy? If so, the Business Class Privacy Seat in our new Business Class will become your personal retreat above the clouds – whether for work or relaxation. It’s your place.

  • More peace for you and your thoughts – distance from the aisle offers more comfort and quiet
  • Private retreat – high degree of privacy
  • Great view – seat right by the window

Business Class Privacy Seat with Baby

A feeling of wellbeing for all those travelling with their baby: the Business Class Privacy Seat with Baby gives everyone a comfortable sitting position on their journey – and direct and protected access to the aisle thanks to all-aisle-access.

  • More relaxed flying as a family – a window seat in the last row with a baby bassinet next to the seat so that you can be close to your child and able to maintain constant eye contact.
  • Family comfort zone – particularly high degree of privacy due to a higher partition and the proximity to the washroom with changing table

Business Class Extra Space Seat

Would you like a little more space? Or a lot more? The Business Class Extra Space Seat offers you an exceptional amount of room. The spacious, roomy, single seat with extended space is the perfect place to work when travelling.

  • Ideal for working on board – enough space for your laptop, your documents and to enjoy your Business Class meals
  • Personal space – high degree of privacy and extra space
  • Generous, additional storage – quick access to your personal belongings, documents and much more

Business Class Double Seat

Are you travelling together with your partner? On our Business Class Double Seat you can enjoy togetherness in a relaxed atmosphere in the last row of the cabin – the ideal seat for people who like to be close to each other when travelling.

  • Enjoy the peace and quiet – inside seat in the last row with  pleasant lounge atmosphere
  • Relax and wake up together  two seats that convert into a double bed thanks to a flexible partition
  • Plenty of space to feel good – generous storage and enough room to eat together

Business Class Classic Seat

The redevelopment of a classic – the next generation of our Business Class Classic Seat. Comfortable, roomy, ergonomic – and ready to take you to your destination soon. You will always sit comfortably facing the direction of travel and have direct access to the aisle thanks to all-aisle-access.

  • Perfect view above the clouds – all outside seats are next to a window
  • Designed for wellbeing – open lounge atmosphere with a view into the cabin
  • Privacy included – all seats with integrated flexible privacy screen
  • Everything in its place – storage space and shelves for your drink, clothes or current reading material

Premium Economy Class

The new Lufthansa Premium Economy Class will set new standards. The modern seat with its innovative hard-shell design can be effortlessly adjusted. Whether headrest, armrest or leg rest, you’re sure to find the perfect seating position without disturbing fellow passengers in the row behind. More privacy, more comfort and more space for your individual travel experience: that’s the promise of Premium Economy Class.

The special design means that all seats have a discreet screen for more privacy and lots of personal space – ideal for pleasant working, eating and relaxing.

  • Individually adjustable seating position – backrest with wide angle of recline, adjustable headrest and armrests for your comfortable journey
  • Maximum legroom – with 99-cm seat pitch and comfortable leg rest you’ll enjoy plenty of space and comfort
  • Increased privacy – more space and better working opportunities than in a traditional Economy Class seat
  • Your premium compartment – Premium Economy Class is separated from Economy Class and Business Class by a privacy screen

The considerable increase in comfort and the many little amenities turn the new Premium Economy Class into your own personal extra.

Premium Economy Class Seat

Whether you’re browsing the in-flight entertainment in peace and quiet with your high-quality, noise-cancelling headphones or working at the spacious, fold-out table, reading a book or enjoying your chosen meal, your Premium Economy Class Seat will quickly become your personal feel-good area.

  • Brilliant, 15.6-inch, 4K monitor – excellent entertainment above the clouds with Bluetooth connection to your own device and wireless charging
  • Power for smartphone and more – all seats have USB ports and a 110-volt socket to charge your devices
  • Cocktail table on the armrest – a safe place for your drink
  • Perfect facilities right at your seat – fine leather armrest and leg rest, space for your personal belongings and – of course – a coat hook for your clothes


Economy Class

The new Lufthansa Economy Class will offer you exactly the flexibility and extras that make your travel experience perfect. No matter how long the flight lasts, you’ll be seated comfortably, enjoying excellent service, lots of personal space, and you can make your journey even more individual and comfortable with the little amenities.

Clever details such as a new storage compartment and the USB power supply at your seat also ensure a pleasant travel experience.

  • Spacious, latest-generation seats – ergonomic and with individually adjustable headrest for maximum comfort
  • Brilliant, 4K monitors – for great entertainment at every seat
  • Bluetooth connection for the in-flight entertainment system – to watch films or listen to music wirelessly using your own headphones

Relax as you discover the seat that suits you and your individual requirements and get to know the features of the individual seats now.

Truly Generous

Economy Class Legroom Seat

More personal space for maximum comfort in our new Economy Class. Sit down on one of the ergonomic seats with more legroom, enjoy your flight and arrived refreshed at your destination.

  • More legroom – look forward to a good 7 cm more space at your seat in comparison with the Economy Class Classic Seat

Economy Class Classic Seat

Enjoyable travel and great entertainment above the clouds – the new Economy Class Classic seats provide more comfort on long-haul flights and are all fitted with modern monitors.

  • 13.3-inch, 4K touchscreen monitor – your access to a wide choice of in-flight entertainment – just sit back and enjoy the flight

Economy Class Free Neighbor Seat

Sometimes a little more personal space is just what you need. With the Economy Class Free Neighbor Seat you’ll be able to book extra comfort and space directly. And the adjacent seat is guaranteed to remain empty.

  • Empty adjacent seat – more space for your personal comfort and for even more comfortable travel

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