Application for a refund for a Flight Value Voucher

Apply for a refund for your original ticket here if you cannot use the Flight Value Voucher already issued to you.

Please note: If you have submitted an application that is still being processed for a refund for a ticket paid for with a voucher, please only apply for a refund for the Flight Value Voucher once your application for a refund for your ticket has been finalised.

The Flight Value Voucher must be redeemed within three years, calculated from the end of the year in which your flight was cancelled. Previous discount vouchers will not be valid. 

Your details

Please enter the details of the voucher holder if this is not the same as the holder of the original ticket.

You will find your voucher code in the voucher portal, e. g. VLH67W49HG7*

* Please double check your entry before sending a request. We cannot process any requests related to other voucher types, promo codes or other topics here.