Transporting animals as excess baggage in the cargo hold

To make sure that your pet arrives safe and sound at your destination airport, on this page we provide you with all the essential information about transporting animals as excess baggage in special transport containers in the air-conditioned cargo hold.

Lufthansa strives to ensure the safety and welfare of all its passengers – and this also, of course, includes animals. For this reason, our guidelines are based on current animal protection regulations, on import and export provisions and on International Air Transport Association (IATA) regulations.

The general advice on transporting animals also applies

Requirements for the transport of animals as excess baggage in the cargo hold

Specifications for the transport container

To transport an animal in the cargo hold, you will require a transport container compliant with current IATA (International Air Transport Association) regulations; otherwise Lufthansa can refuse to carry the animal.

Please note: the transport container must be secured with screws. A plastic locking mechanism is not considered to be a secure enough method of fastening and will therefore not be accepted.

Different transport containers are required according to the animal species being transported. You must bring the transport container with you. It is not, as a general rule, possible to purchase one at the airport. We recommend that you obtain the transport container in plenty of time so that your pet can get used to it before the flight.

Below you will find the specifications for the containers for transporting dogs and cats in the air-conditioned cargo hold.

Prices for transporting animals as excess baggage in the cargo hold²

The price for the carriage of animals as excess baggage in the cargo hold depends both upon the route and the size of the transport container. The price applies per flight direction, so also with a Lufthansa connecting flight, and is charged only once (e.g. on a flight from Hamburg via Frankfurt to Madrid). It will be charged again for return flights and stopovers.1

Payment for taking your pet with you should be made at the check-in counter or at the Lufthansa service counter at the airport. In addition to your pet and its transport container, you can, of course, also take along the free baggage allowance included with your ticket.

Maximum size of the transport container Up to 60 × 45 × 40 cm Up to 125 × 75 × 85 cm
Domestic routes (Germany)3 EUR 80
USD 92
EUR 160
USD 184
Routes within Europe3 EUR 100
USD 115
EUR 200
USD 230
North Africa, Central Asia and countries on the eastern Mediterranean coast3 EUR 130
USD 149
EUR 260
USD 299
Short intercontinental routes3 EUR 150
USD 172
EUR 300
USD 346
Medium intercontinental routes3 EUR 170
USD 195
CAD 255
EUR 340
USD 391
CAD 510
Long intercontinental routes3 EUR 190
USD 218
CAD 285
EUR 380
USD 437
CAD 570
Routes to/from Japan EUR 150
USD 200
CAD 200
EUR 300
USD 400
CAD 400

Larger than 125 x 75 x 85 cm: the animal cannot be transported as excess baggage. Please enquire about the terms and conditions for transport as air freight, e. g. with Lufthansa Cargo.

Please note that an additional charge of EUR 150/CHF 175/USD 175 per animal is made when travelling via Frankfurt, Vienna, Zurich or Geneva4 (applies to tickets issued after 1 April 2021).

1 A stopover is defined as a break of more than 24 hours in a journey.
2 Varying prices apply for shipping an animal as air freight (for example with Lufthansa Cargo). Please contact Lufthansa Cargo or the carrier you have commissioned to transport your pet.
3 Further details on destinations and price zones.
4 Please note that travelling with your pet via Munich is not allowed.

Checklist for transporting animals as excess baggage in the cargo hold

To make your preparations easier, we have prepared a checklist with all the important points.