FlyNet® – Internet access on short- and medium-haul routes

Chat online on board, post status updates on Facebook, write emails or stream your favourite films – with Lufthansa FlyNet® you are now also connected with family, friends or colleagues throughout your short- or medium-haul flight.

As a pioneer in the area of in-flight connectivity, Lufthansa now also offers Internet access on selected A320-family aircraft.

Continuous access to the FlyNet® service

Simply connect your smartphone, tablet or laptop via Wi-Fi to the FlyNet® network and get started. FlyNet® is now available on an ever increasing number of flights within Europe and to and from North Africa and the Middle East. The FlyNet® portal is available throughout the entire flight and you can use all of its functions free of charge: from flight- and destination-related information to Lufthansa services such as check-in for your connecting flight, right up to Miles & More services, shopping in Lufthansa WorldShop and many more. In addition, Lufthansa offers you a number of different tariffs with which you can use the full extent of the powerful FlyNet® Internet access as soon as the aircraft has reached cruising altitude.

The FlyNet® tariffs

Fare FlyNet® Messenger FlyNet® Mail and Surf FlyNet® Stream
Description Stay in touch with friends and family via apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or iMessage. Ideal for Internet surfing, sending messages and sharing pictures via social networks. Enables the use of company VPN networks, even faster surfing and the streaming of playlists and videos.

Flight duration under 90 minutes:
EUR 3 or 1,000 miles

Flight duration over 90 minutes:
EUR 3 or 1,000 miles

Flight duration under 90 minutes:
EUR 5 or 1,700 miles

Flight duration over 90 minutes:
EUR 7 or 2,300 miles

Flight duration under 90 minutes:
EUR 10 or 3,300 miles

Flight duration over 90 minutes:
EUR 12 or 4,000 miles

Valid on the entire flight
            ✓                  ✓                 ✓
Speed up to 150 kbit/s
up to 600 kbit/s
up to 15 Mbps
Economy Class A350

Purchase FlyNet® access conveniently in advance

Board, take off and start surfing without delay: from now on you can select the Internet access that suits your requirements for your upcoming flight while you are still on the ground.* The access is valid for the calendar year in which it is purchased and the three following calendar years, and can only be used once. If FlyNet® is not available on your flight, you will receive a refund.

* Please note that the FlyNet® Chat tariff can only be purchased on board.

Currently you cannot book FlyNet® Internet access on your long-haul flight in combination with FlyNet® for a short- or medium-haul flight. However, a cross-flight tariff structure is already in the planning stage, so that you will soon be able to enjoy a seamless Internet connection on the entire Lufthansa fleet.