On board with children and babies

Your little ones are our big priority  

On board Lufthansa flights our youngest passengers can look forward to a fantastic toy as well as fresh, healthy and delicious children's menus.

Children’s menus – delicious treats on board

A friendly ‘pretzel face’, fresh noodles and colourful desserts. They look fun and they are fresh, colourful, healthy and delicious – the new children’s menus on board Lufthansa flights are not just pleasing to the eye, but to children’s taste buds too.

Flying with baby

When you and your baby fly with Lufthansa you will feel in good hands, because our special services are set up to cater fully to your needs.

Flying with children

It’s great that you are planning to take your next flight with your child. We’d like to give you a few important tips and suggestions about how best to prepare for your time on board with us.

Child restraint systems

A child restraint system or child car seat or baby carrier can be used on board to increase the passive safety of infants (0–2 years) and children (up to about 7 years of age). Their use is entirely voluntary. Because, as a family, you have priority when boarding, you will have time to get to your seat and attach the child seat in peace.

Keeping children entertained on long flights

Children can quickly get bored – to prevent this from happening we have put together a couple of tips for games here that will keep your little ones entertained and diverted on their long journey.