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Our Airport Bus and Shuttle routes

Enjoy comfort with the usual Lufthansa quality. For no matter which airline you are flying with, you can travel comfortably to and from the airport with the Lufthansa Airport Bus or the shuttle services operated by our cooperation partners. You get on at centrally located stops and we take you swiftly and conveniently to your destination.


Lufthansa Airport Buses, Lufthansa Airport Shuttles and Airport Shuttles in Germany and France

The Lufthansa Airport Bus

You can travel conveniently on the Lufthansa Airport Bus on the Strasbourg - Frankfurt Airport route

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Lufthansa Airport Shuttles

Distinct and convenient – the Lufthansa airport shuttles on the routes from Heidelberg to Frankfurt Airport and from Munich city centre to Munich Airport.

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Airport Shuttles

Customized and convenient: your journey on the airport shuttles

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