Free baggage rules at Lufthansa

The permitted free baggage allowance is determined by the service class booked and the status of the passenger and is shown on the ticket/Passenger Receipt.

The following basic regulations apply for the free baggage allowance on all intercontinental flights operated by Lufthansa:

New fares on European flights

For flights within Europe the free baggage rules are determined by the new Europe fare options:

Booking an extra piece of baggage

With the new Light fare, you can add one piece of baggage weighing up to 23 kg to your booking for a fee of € 15 per direction. You can do this under ‘My Bookings’ on If you add a bag at the last minute at the airport you will have to pay a higher fee of € 30 at the ticket counter or € 45 at the gate.

Please note: once paid, the baggage fee is not refundable.

Add a first piece of baggage

With the Classic and Flex fares, you can take one bag up to 23 kg per person free of charge, as usual.

The new fares on European routes and the related baggage regulations apply for tickets issued starting 28 July 2015 and departures starting 1 October 2015.

More information on the new European fares

Free baggage dimensions

The maximum size per piece of baggage, regardless of class, is 158 cm (width + height + depth).

Items of baggage that are larger or heavier than the permitted dimensions and weight or that are additional to the free baggage allowance will be carried as excess baggage for a flat fee.*/*** Items that weigh more than 32 kg will be transported by air freight for a charge. For further information, please visit the Excess and Special Baggage page.

Ski or snowboarding equipment as free baggage

In addition to your free baggage allowance, you may take one piece of ski or snowboarding equipment free of charge on your Lufthansa flight.*/** The maximum weight of an additional piece of ski or snowboarding equipment must be within the weight limits of the travel class you have booked.

Please register your ski baggage without fail no later than 23 hours before departure with the Lufthansa Service Centre. This is only necessary so that Lufthansa can ensure that your ski baggage is carried.

Further information on taking ski baggage with you

Free baggage rules for children

  • Children under two have a free baggage allowance of one piece up to 23 kg. */****
  • Children aged two or over have the same free baggage allowance as adults.
  • Additionally, a car seat or folding buggy or pram or a baby carrier may be carried as carry-on baggage free of charge. Further information is provided on the Carry-on Baggage page.
  • Further information about taking child seats and Moses baskets on board with you is listed on our ‘Safety for infants on board’ page.

Extended free baggage rules for:

Status customers

A higher free baggage allowance applies to Frequent Travellers, Senators, HON Circle Members and Star Alliance Gold members.

Further information for status customers

Passengers with sports baggage

Sports bags can be checked in free of charge as part of your permitted free baggage allowance.

Further information for passengers with sports baggage

Certain routes

Specific free baggage allowances apply to Economy Class passengers on certain routes. New: Economy Class passengers flying to/from Japan on a ticket issued since 8 January may take two bags with them, each up to 23 kg.

Exceptions for Economy Class

Most Significant Carrier Rule (MSC)

This rule states that on flights which are operated by several airlines, the baggage regulations of the airline that operates the geographically longest or most significant stretch of the journey apply.

Specific rules apply to US and Canadian flights:
Special regulations USA and Canada

*This does not apply for the new Economy Class Light fares on European flights.
**All routes except for those to/from the USA, Canada, Mexico and Central America (Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama).
***Here, a regular piece of baggage of up to 23 kg can be booked for a fee
****In this case only the accompanying adult can check in one piece of baggage. Additional pieces of baggage must be checked in as excess baggage.

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