Lufthansa Sleeper’s Row: more space on long-haul flights

Make yourself comfortable and enjoy more space and comfort on your flight. Lufthansa Sleeper’s Row gives you whole row of three or four seats in Economy Class on long-haul flights.

After pre-boarding, once on board you will be given your Sleeper’s Row set, comprising a thin mattress plus a Business Class-quality blanket and pillow. You can lie down, stretch out and enjoy the extra space for the entire duration of your flight.

On long-haul flights with a flight duration of approx. eleven hours or more, you can book Sleeper’s Row directly when you check-in or shortly before departure at the gate, subject to availability. There is an extra charge of between 159 € and 229 € / 179 USD and 249 USD per leg. Advance reservation is not possible.