Lufthansa iD Terms and Conditions of Use

The following Lufthansa iD Terms and Conditions of Use (hereinafter referred to as "Terms and Conditions of Use") apply to use of the Lufthansa iD service (hereinafter referred to as "Lufthansa iD") offered by Deutsche Lufthansa AG (hereinafter referred to as "Lufthansa").

We would like to offer you our services as conveniently as possible and provide you with a travel experience that is tailored to your personal desires and expectations from your first visit to our website and certain other websites and applications offered by us or other Lufthansa Group companies until the end of your trip and beyond. With Lufthansa iD, we offer you the opportunity to create a customer profile free of charge that enables you to take advantage of a wide range of personalised services.

In particular, we provide you the following services with Lufthansa iD when you log onto or another website or application:

  • Possibility of personalised use of the respective website or application, e.g. by being personally addressed there, receiving information matching your current flight reservation or finding precompleted forms without the need to create a separate user account;
  • Facilitation of the booking process by means of personalisation (i) showing you the top 3 flights recommended by us first when checking flight availability, (ii) presetting your preferred class of transport, and (iii) pre-selecting the fare we recommend for you;
  • Facilitation of reservation and check-in through precompleted forms;
  • Personalised use of our personalised in-flight entertainment and FlyNet services.

It furthermore also allows you to link your past reservations to your profile so that you can view and retrieve them if you either made these reservations while logged in or subsequently added them to your profile.

You also have the option of providing us your consent to advertising communication in order to receive information and individual offers from Lufthansa Group Airlines and its respective partner companies.

Finally, if you have given us permission to do so, we would like to improve your website experience by offering personalised additional services on the reservation portal.

1. Scope

These Terms and Conditions of Use apply to the use of Lufthansa iD on the website, in the Lufthansa App or on any other website or application of Lufthansa or its affiliated companies if login with Lufthansa iD is offered there.

Above and beyond this, the terms and conditions applying to the respective channel apply, such as the terms and conditions of use for Lufthansa websites.

When connecting your Lufthansa iD profile with the Miles & More programme, the Miles & More Terms and Conditions of Participation also apply.

The Terms and Conditions of Transport for Lufthansa Group Airlines, which you can call up here, apply to the performance of flights.

2. Registration with Lufthansa iD

You can register with Lufthansa iD and set up a Lufthansa iD profile by entering your e-mail address and creating a password. Registration is only possible for natural persons. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail, which we will send to the e-mail address provided during registration and with which you then complete the Lufthansa iD registration process. In your profile you can then voluntarily add additional information about yourself as well as your travel and customer preferences. If you do not confirm your registration via the link in the confirmation e-mail sent to you within the period specified in the confirmation e-mail, we will deactivate your temporary Lufthansa iD profile.

Likewise, your temporary Lufthansa iD profile will be set on inactive if you have a confirmation e-mail sent to you more than three times without confirming it. After a period of 30 days on inactive status, your data will be deleted.

3. Lufthansa iD information and access data

Your personal details that you provide in the Lufthansa iD registration process and if applicable additional information provided voluntarily at a later date must be truthful. Furthermore, you may not store any personal data of third parties, e.g. your fellow passengers, in your Lufthansa iD profile without their consent.

You yourself are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your access data, in particular your password, and shall not pass such on or allow third parties to use such. If you lose this or become aware of any abuse, please change your access data immediately and report your suspicion to us. In this case, or if we suspect abuse by third parties on the basis of usage behaviour, we reserve the right to block your Lufthansa iD profile until the matter has been resolved. Lufthansa shall only bear liability for damage resulting from culpable omission or delay in notification up until the time of receipt of such notification within the scope of section 8 of these Terms and Conditions of Use.

4. Use of the Lufthansa iD profile

You may only use Lufthansa iD in accordance with these Terms and Conditions of Use and only for the purposes stated above. In particular, Lufthansa iD may not be used for commercial purposes (with the exception of reservations made by business travellers) or to reproduce Lufthansa's online services or other web content without the consent of Lufthansa.

5. Deletion of the Lufthansa iD profile

You can delete your Lufthansa iD profile yourself by calling up the profile administration for the Lufthansa iD profile or by requesting information about your rights as data subject under Art. 15 GDPR at

We reserve the right to block or delete your Lufthansa iD profile at any time without cause or in the case stated in section 2 or in the event of a violation of these Terms and Conditions of Use until such is rectified or ceases.

6. Discontinuation of Lufthansa iD and changes to Lufthansa iD

Lufthansa iD functionalities are being further developed on a continuous basis. We reserve the right to make improvements or changes to the functionality or Terms and Conditions of use of Lufthansa iD at any time and without notice.

We also reserve the right to discontinue Lufthansa iD at any time. In this case, your Lufthansa iD profile shall be deleted.

7. Connection to the Miles & More account

If you are also a member of the Miles & More programme or become a member in the future, we would ask you to link your Miles & More account with your Lufthansa iD profile. Such a link is not required to use the Lufthansa iD service. This is the only way we can ensure that you only receive the communication you desire, however, and that the various profile details do not contradict each other.

a. Execution of the connect
If you are already a Lufthansa iD customer and Miles & More participant, you can link both profiles by using the option available for such in the profile administration. In the course of this linking, we can ensure that your communication settings can be administrated in a uniform manner. If you only have one of the two profiles, you can also create the link when you create the other profile using the option available for this in profile administration.

b. Consequences of a connect
If the data stored in the respective account or profile, such as, for example, the e-mail address, contact data or flight preferences and data protection approvals do not match at the time of the connect, the data will be synchronised upon the connect. If the datasets differ, you have the option of selecting the data to be stored. Details can be found in the Lufthansa iD Data Protection Policy.

c. Termination of a connect
You can terminate the connect by adjusting your profile settings accordingly. In addition, a connection between your Lufthansa iD profile and your Miles & More account can be terminated by deleting your Lufthansa iD profile or your Miles & More account. Section 5 of these Terms and Conditions of Use explain how to delete your Lufthansa iD profile. You will find information on how to delete your Miles & More account in the Miles & More Terms and Conditions of Use.

8. Data security

The enterprises of the Lufthansa Group attach the utmost importance to data security and use technical and organisational measures to protect your data against accidental or intentional manipulation, loss, destruction or against access by unauthorised persons. Our security measures are kept up to date in line with the state of the art in technology. To this end, encryption methods are used in the linking and subsequent synchronisation. All other measures used by the individual enterprises to secure the data stored with them can be found in their respective data protection policies.

9. Liability

Lufthansa iD is generally available 24 hours a day. System and program maintenance periods are exceptions to this. These may be associated with restrictions on usability, which we shall endeavour to keep at a minimum. There are no claims to use of Lufthansa iD.

The following applies to damage incurred by you in connection with use by Lufthansa or its respective vicarious agents: Liability is unlimited in the event of wilful intent or gross negligence as well as in the event of a guarantee. In the case of slight negligence, liability is also unlimited in the event of injury to life, limb or health. In the event of slightly negligent breach of essential obligations, liability is limited to the amount of foreseeable, typically occurring damage to property and financial loss resulting therefrom.

An essential duty is deemed to be a duty, the fulfilment of which is essential for the proper performance of Lufthansa iD usage and upon whose compliance the participant may generally rely. Any further liability for damage - except for claims under the German Product Liability Act (Produkthaftungsgesetz) is excluded.

10. Data protection

If you create a Lufthansa iD profile, we collect and process your personal data on the basis of the consent you have provided us or on a statutory basis which we request as part of the registration process, which you may later voluntarily supplement or which is required in connection with the use of Lufthansa iD and in the case of a connect with Miles & More.

Please note our Lufthansa iD Data Protection Policy.

11. Governing law, legal venue

German law applies. If you are a merchant (Kaufmann), the legal venue is Frankfurt am Main, Federal Republic of Germany. The same applies if you have no general legal venue in Germany and no residence within the European Economic Area (EEA). If you are a consumer and are a resident outside Germany but within the EEA, you may assert claims both in Frankfurt am Main, Federal Republic of Germany, or with a court having jurisdiction in the country in which you are resident as you see fit. In addition, action may also be taken against you with a court having jurisdiction over your general place of residence or at any other level venue having jurisdiction. We are not obligated to participate in arbitration proceedings, nor can we offer to take part in such proceedings.

Status Sept. 2018