New Menu Indian Routes

India's culinary influence on every class

Whether it is First, Business, Premium Economy or Economy Class, the new special menus offer an assortment of unforgettable gourmet Indian tastes.

First Class

First Class

On board, passengers from First Class can look forward to a bread basket with 2-3 Indian options, caviar service, cold cuts, cheese board, fresh toast, eggs, berries, lemonade, masala tea, lassi, sandwiches, canapés, soups, salads, pasta, different kinds of meat/fish and desserts in both Western and Indian options, such as cake, ice cream, saunf supari and many more

Business Class

Business Class passengers can relish regional assortments like limbu pani or lassi as a welcome drink, masala tea, cheese and dessert service, muesli yogurt, breakfast spreads, appetizers, salads, dal, paratha, smoked salmon, pickles, raita, fresh fruits, chocolates, pralines, ice cream, saunf supari and much more

Premium Economy

Premium Economy flyers will be served cocktails, snacks, coffee, tea, wine, fresh fruits, curd rice, lemon/mango pickles, chocolates, lassi, Indian and Western main courses and desserts, and saunf supari as after mint.

Economy Class

Economy passengers can enjoy snacks, beverages, fruits, muesli yogurt, salads, Indian and Western main course options, raita, pickles, Indian desserts, saunf supari and lots more