Lufthansa supports Automotive industry travel needs

With big growth of Automotive Industry worldwide, the well-built current automotive industry in Indonesia and the target set to become the largest automotive market within ASEAN, Indonesia characterizes itself as an ideal investment country. This opportunity has seized by global automotive industries by locating and branching their business in most region in Indonesia.


Special offers to Automotive travelling needs

With Lufthansa's best network product, automotive industries workers are able to reach over than 50 automotive industry destinations worldwide easily, from Jakarta to Detroit, Gothenburg, Germany, Turin, Hanover, São Paulo, and many more. Reaching more than 200 destinations worldwide, Lufthansa understands the automotive industry travel needs with the utmost of flying in premium facilities and services at affordable fares.

We offer you valuable specials to add the value of your flights.

1) PartnerPlusBenefit :

The Lufthansa Corporate Bonus Programme PartnerPlusBenefit (PPB) pays for your flights! Lufthansa gives you the BenefitPoints as a reward to your company for flying its employees with Lufthansa. Then you can exchange the BenefitPoints with distinctive awards. Free Flights, Class Upgrade, Excess Baggage Allowance, Cash Back Option, and a lot of attractive awards redemption that will save your company travel costs.

As a PPB member you will have a 24hour access everyday to your BenefitPoints account and be up to date informed about the programme. Combine your corporates PPB accounts with your personal Miles & More Accounts, to get the double benefits and very valuable flights.

2) Corporate Nett Rates :

Lufthansa special offers for corporates customers. Through the Corporate products Nett Rate (CNR), a company with high frequency of flying, can get a special discount, along with a better Terms & Conditions than the market fare.
Experience premium flights and exclusive service with valued offer for your company. This is good opportunity for your company travelling budget savings.

To get the special price, you can send us an email to

Reach the worldwide destinations you need from any major airport in Indonesia, to our gateways in Singapore, Bangkok and Hongkong, to connect to our hub in Frankfurt, in a comfortable world class service, yet at affordable fares and added values that benefit for your automotive industry needs.


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