Invoice Issuance

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Dear Customer,

The invoice is issued automatically for each ticket purchased through with country of departure Hungary. If you wish to have the invoice receipt issued for your company, please fill out the form below. Please be aware that only invoices with country of departure Hungary can be requested.

Please write us an e-mail containing the following:


Passenger Data:

  • First name(s) and surname(s) on the ticket
  • Ticket number(s)
  • Booking number
  • E-mail address of the contact person 

Company Data:

  • Full name of the company or first name and last name 
  • Street
  • ZIP-code
  • City
  • Country
  • Tax number
  • Invoice for ticket / change / refund / special service


  • E-Mail address for the electronic invoice



Please send your request to following e-Mail address and use the subject "Invoice request Hungary":

Please be aware that only invoice requests for Hungary are processed under this e-mail address. All other topics that do not relate to invoice reqeust are not being answered under the given e-mail address.

The requested invoice receipt will be sent to provided email address. 

Lufthansa German Airlines