Our Europe fares

With the Europe fares of the Lufthansa Group airlines (Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines and SWISS), you can choose exactly the fare that suits your needs.

"Light", "Classic" or "Flex": choose from the three Economy Class fares and only pay for the services and amenities you really want to use.

Of course, Business Class services are also available on all European flights. As before, these also include our top-quality services for the sophisticated requirements of business passengers and discerning private travellers.

Economy Light

This is the basic fare at the most affordable price.

The "Light" fare is the ideal choice if you’re only travelling with carry-on baggage and know when you plan to fly, as tickets can only be rebooked for a fee and cannot be refunded. You can add one item of baggage and an advance seat reservation at any time for an additional fee.*

* There may be an additional fare difference.

Economy Classic

You will receive the usual services on this standard fare.

The "Classic" fare is recommended if you don’t want to forego the usual services and amenities. Tickets on this fare can be rebooked for a fee.

Economy Green

Der Tarif für nachhaltigeres Reisen über den Wolken.

Bei der Auswahl des Green-Tarifes werden durch die Nutzung nachhaltiger Flugkraftstoffe (SAF) die flugbezogenen CO2-Emissionen reduziert (20% der individuell flugbezogenen CO2-Emissionen), sowie die verbleibenden CO2-Emissionen durch einen Beitrag zu hochwertigen Klimaschutzprojekten im Umfang der flugbezogenen CO2-Emissionen ausgeglichen (80% CO2 der individuell flugbezogenen Emissionen).

Economy Flex

Der flexible Tarif, denn Reisepläne können sich ändern.

The "Flex" fare is aimed at passengers who need more flexibility when planning their trip. Tickets on this fare can be rebooked and even refunded for a fee.

Business Class

For a relaxed trip with the greatest degree of comfort.

Of course, the comprehensive comfort of our Business Class is also still available to you. Your adjacent seat is kept free, and you can enjoy plenty of Business Class benefits, from lounge access to two free items of baggage. As well as the fully flexible Business Flex fare, a restrictive Business Saver fare is also available on selected routes.

Our Europe fares at a glance

Economy Class:

Beinhaltete Service-Leistungen Economy Light Economy Classic Economy Green
  - - More sustainable through the use of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) (20% reduction in flight-related CO2 emissions) and a contribution to high-quality climate-protection projects (80% offsetting of the flight-related CO2 emissions) -
Snacks und Getränke ja1 ja1 ja1 ja1
Prämien, Status und Select Meilen ja ja

ja (+20% Statusmeilen und + 20% Prämienmeilen)

Handgepäck ja (1 x 8 kg) ja (1 x 8 kg) ja (1 x 8 kg) ja (1 x 8 kg)
Gepäckstück gegen Gebühr ja (1 x 23 kg) ja (1 x 23 kg) ja (1 x 23 kg)
Sitzplatzreservierung gegen Gebühr ja ja ja
Bevorzugte Sitzzone2 gegen Gebühr gegen Gebühr

gegen Gebühr

Sitzplatz mit mehr Beinfreiheit3 gegen Gebühr gegen Gebühr gegen Gebühr gegen Gebühr
Upgrade auf die Business Class4, 5 gegen Gebühr gegen Gebühr gegen Gebühr gegen Gebühr
Früherer Flug am Reisetag6 nein nein nein ja
Priority Check-in nein nein nein nein
Lounge-Zugang nein nein nein nein
Priority Lane nein nein nein ja7
Priority Boarding nein nein nein ja8
Freier Nebenplatz nein nein nein nein
eJournals ja ja ja ja
Zeitungen und Zeitschriften nein nein nein nein


gegen Gebühr gegen Gebühr ja ja


nein nein nein gegen Gebühr

1 Auf kurzen Flügen, bis 30 Minuten, heißen wir Sie mit unserer Lufthansa Schokolade willkommen. Falls Sie länger als 30 Minuten unterwegs sind, erhalten Sie darüber hinaus eine Flasche Wasser.

2 Nur auf Flügen von SWISS.

3 Gebührenfrei für HON Circle Member und Senator-Mitglieder in den Tarifen "Classic" oder „Flex“. Mitreisende eines HON Circle Member oder Senator-Mitglieds können gegen eine Gebühr einen Sitzplatz mit mehr Beinfreiheit buchen (Ausnahme: auf Flügen von SWISS gebührenfrei).

4 Auf Flügen mit Upgrade gelten für Umbuchung und Erstattung die Bedingungen des Original-Tickets. Zusätzlich gilt weiterhin die Freigepäckmenge des ursprünglich gebuchten Economy-Tarifs. Sie finden die Freigepäckmenge auf dem Passagierbeleg. Diese Bedingungen gelten ohne Rücksicht auf den Vielfliegerstatus, auch für HON Circle Member und Senator-Mitglieder. Prämien-, Status, Select und HON Circle Meilen im Rahmen des Miles & More Vielfliegerprogramms werden auf Basis der Buchungsklasse "Business Class" gutgeschrieben.

5 Nur an ausgesuchten Flughäfen verfügbar.

6 Gültig für die Tarife "Economy Flex" und "Business Flex". Eine kostenfreie Umbuchung ist nur am Tag der Abreise während des Online Check-in über lufthansa.com oder die Lufthansa App, an einem Check-in Automat oder Check-in Counter am Flughafen möglich. Gilt nur für Direktflüge. Streckenänderung oder Wechsel der Fluggesellschaft nicht möglich.

7 Nur auf Flügen ab Deutschland, die von Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa oder SWISS durchgeführt werden.

8 Nur auf Flügen, die von Austrian Airlines und Lufthansa durchgeführt werden. Nicht verfügbar auf Flügen ab der oder in die Schweiz.

Business Class:

Services included Economy Light Economy Classic Economy
Business Class
Snacks and beverages yes1 yes1 yes1 yes (meals and beverages)
Award, status and select miles yes yes yes yes (incl. HON Circle miles)
Carry-on baggage yes (1 x 8 kg) yes (1 x 8 kg) yes (1 x 8 kg) yes (2 x 8 kg)
Item of baggage for a fee yes (1 x 23 kg) yes (1 x 23 kg) yes (2 x 32 kg)
Advance seat reservation for a fee yes yes yes
Preferred seating zone2 for a fee for a fee yes no
Seat with extra legroom3 for a fee for a fee for a fee no
Upgrade to Business Class4, 5 for a fee for a fee for a fee no
Earlier flight on day of travel6 no no yes yes
Priority check-in no no no yes
Lounge access no no no yes
Priority lane no no yes7 yes5
Priority boarding no no yes8 yes
Empty adjacent seat no no no yes
eJournals yes yes yes yes
Newspapers and magazines no no no yes

1 On short flights of up to 30 minutes, we will welcome you with our Lufthansa chocolate. If you are on a flight longer than 30 minutes, you will also receive a free bottle of water.

2 Only on SWISS flights.

3 Free of charge for HON Circle Members and Senators on the "Classic" or “Flex” fares. Travelling companions of an HON Circle Member or Senator can book a seat with extra legroom for a fee (except on SWISS flights where it is free of charge).

4 On flights with upgrade the rebooking and refund conditions of the original ticket apply. In addition, the free baggage allowance of the originally booked Economy fare still applies. You can find your free baggage allowance on your passenger receipt. These conditions apply to HON Circle Members and Senators as well, regardless of frequent flyer status. Award, status, select and HON Circle miles in the context of the Miles & More frequent flyer programme are credited on the basis of the "Business Class" booking class.

5 Only available at selected airports.

6 Applies to "Economy Flex" and "Business Flex" fares. Rebooking free of charge is possible only on the day of departure during online check-in via lufthansa.com or the Lufthansa app, or at a check-in machine or check-in counter at the airport. Applies to direct flights only. A change of route or airline is not possible.

7 Only on flights from Germany that are operated by Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa or SWISS.

8 Only on flights that are operated by Austrian Airlines and Lufthansa. Not available on flights to/from Switzerland.

Rebooking and refund terms and conditions

Fare conditions Economy Light Economy Classic Economy Flex Business Saver9 Business Flex
Rebooking10 for a fee for a fee yes for a fee yes
Refund no no for a fee no yes11

9 Only available on certain routes and in particular booking classes.

10 A surcharge may apply when rebooking to a higher booking class. If the itinerary changes, the fare will be recalculated taking into account the new travel route.

11 The ticket can be refunded in full. If the ticket is only partially used, the route flown will be recalculated according to the booked fare.

Additional services that can be booked for a fee

Baggage, advance seat reservation and upgrade to Business Class can be booked easily as an additional service, depending on the chosen Europe fare for Economy Class.

An additional piece of baggage on the Light fare

On the Economy Light fare you can book the first additional piece of baggage for a fee. Please note that this is not refundable.

You can check your free baggage allowance in just a few steps with our baggage calculator – based on route, travel class and fare. There you can also find the prices and dimensions for additional pieces of baggage.

Book additional baggage online

To the baggage calculator

Advance seat reservation and seat with extra legroomBook your preferred seat now up to 52 hours before departure and enjoy a relaxed start to your trip.

Reserve seat now

To the conditions for advance seat reservations

Upgrade to Business ClassBefore departure, make the most of the benefits of our lounges and save valuable time with priority check-in and priority boarding. On board you can look forward to more personal space and a nutritious meal.

To fixed-price upgrade

To bid upgrade

You can also book all the additional options directly online.

FAQs on the Europe fares

Find out more about the scope and further details of our Europe fares.