Menus on short- and medium-haul flights

Outstanding cuisine even above the clouds

Both in Business and in Economy Class we always want to bring you welcome surprises. With fresh and varied dishes, Lufthansa fulfils your wishes during the flight.

Onboard Delights – new menu range in Economy Class

With Onboard Delights on European flights in Economy Class, you can enjoy a new range of dishes, depending on the flight duration.

On short flights, up to 30 minutes, we will welcome you with our Lufthansa chocolate. If you are on a somewhat longer flight, up to 60 minutes, you will also receive a free bottle of mineral water.

On all European flights of 60 minutes or more, Onboard Delights additionally includes a high-quality selection of affordable snacks made from sustainably produced, fresh regional ingredients, as well as hot and cold beverages.

Onboard Delights can be paid for by credit card and EC card, as well as by Apple Pay, Google Pay, or V-Pay.

Our cuisine in Business Class

Culinary experiences and attentive service – that is what distinguishes Lufthansa Business Class. On board we offer high-quality, varied and fresh meals, served on fine china tableware, on all routes.

Tasting HEIMAT (Tasting of home) – for that feeling of being at home while on board

Discover the culinary roots of select German cities in the new menus of Lufthansa Business Class. With Tasting HEIMAT, you experience, in regular rotation, classics of German cuisine, interpreted in a modern way, from six German cities – freshly prepared daily from regional ingredients.

The epitome of pleasure: our wine pairing

Good food demands excellent wine: choose from our wide selection of exclusive wines and beverages and enjoy them served in stylish wine glasses.

Bordmen? Premium Economy Class // bordmenue Premium Economy Class

Children’s menus

Child-friendly meals arranged in a fun design will delight young passengers on board Lufthansa flights.

Special meals

Lufthansa offers you a wide selection of special meals, prepared according to your individual wishes and lifestyles.