Lufthansa SmartDepart

Now it’s even faster for you on the ground, too. With SmartDepart, we have optimised the combination of all factors to get the best from your travel time on routes from Munich to Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Hamburg and Berlin-Tegel.

With SmartDepart, you can experience the following three services on selected flights. The services are available Mondays to Fridays on departures between 06.30 hours and 09.00 hours and between 16.00 hours and 18.30 hours and are free of charge.

SmartDepart at a glance

Quick Boarding // Quick Boarding

Basic 1: Fast Lane

Faster through security checks – with the SmartDepart Fast Lane. This is open to you especially at peak times at Munich Airport. The only requirement: you are only taking one item of carry-on baggage with you. The SmartDepart Fast Lane is signposted for you and the ground staff are briefed.

Priority Boarding // Priority Boarding

Basic 2: Dedicated Gate Area

Walk less, save more time. In our search for further improvements, we have looked at the location of the departure and arrival gates and optimised the situation here as well. We have therefore made sure that SmartDepart flights are particularly well positioned: the departure gates are always centrally located in Terminal 2, directly behind security. At the destination airport the arrival gates are also situated as close as possible to the exit.* It does not get any faster or smarter.

* As a result of building works at Hamburg Airport, it’s possible that some gate positions currently in use are further away.

Basic 3: Just-in-time Boarding

Wait less, arrive later With SmartDepart’s just-in-time boarding, it’s quite sufficient to be ready at the gate just 20 minutes before departure. This saves you valuable time that you can put to better use. And in combination with the Fast Lane and Dedicated Gate Area, the time you will save door-to-door can be even greater. But please note: in the event of variations in special cases, we ask that you always observe the boarding time shown on your boarding pass.