Electronic Bag Tags

Lufthansa offers you the option of using an electronic bag tag for your trip which has an electronic display instead of the conventional paper bag tag.

You can prepare the digital bag tags conveniently at home via your smartphone and attach them to your travel baggage. On your arrival at the airport, check in your baggage directly at the self-service bag drop kiosks or at the Fast Bag Drop, where available. Find out more about the Fast Bag Drop baggage drop off:

Lufthansa supports the electronic bag tags of the supplier BAGTAG and the electronic bag tags integrated in some RIMOWA models.

How to use electronic bag tags

Check in as usual for your Lufthansa flight via online check-in or the Lufthansa app. 

Then open the BAGTAG app and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

To the BAGTAG App:

To create an electronic bag tag, you will require your booking code, among other things. This can be found in your passenger receipt or on your boarding pass.

Please note that you can only create your electronic bag tag from 23 hours before the scheduled departure time. Due to legal requirements, electronic bag tags cannot be used for some flights. If you don’t use the electronic bag tag on a flight, please ensure that it is switched off or is placed in your suitcase.

If your booking contains more than one flight segment, this will be automatically displayed on your electronic bag tag.

Batteries in electronic bag tags on board: all electronic bag tags supported by Lufthansa can be brought on board without any problems.