Information about travelling with fighting dog breeds and snub-nosed animals

There are special regulations and recommendations for fighting dog breeds and snub-nosed dogs and cats.

Should your pet fall into one of these categories, please read the following information carefully. For transport in the cargo hold, the

Information about travelling with fighting dog breeds

Animals classified as fighting or dangerous dogs may only be transported in special crates and exclusively in the hold. An exception is made for fighting dogs between the ages of three and six months. These dogs can be transported in standard transport crates. Whether this is possible in the cabin or in the hold depends upon the basic criteria that apply to the transport of dogs.

For the transport of fighting dog breeds in the hold, please also note the information about transporting animals in the hold.

If you wish to take breeds of fighting dogs aged from three to six months into the cabin, please also take note of the information on transporting animals in the cabin.

Information about travelling with snub-nosed dogs and cats

Dogs and cats belonging to snub-nosed breeds have anatomically restricted airways with the accompanying difficulty in breathing. The stress caused by transportation and/or high temperatures at the departure, transfer and destination airports can cause circulatory issues that may result in breathing problems. As a result, your pet could suffer serious health problems or even die during the journey.

Lufthansa will therefore no longer transport these breeds in the cargo hold from 1 January 2020. You can still take your pet with you into the passenger cabin, provided that you comply with the conditions for transporting animals as additional carry-on baggage in the cabin.

Snub-nosed breeds of dogs or cats can be transported as air freight by, for example, Lufthansa Cargo.