Check-in – made easy

Use our online check-in whether at home or on the move

Check in conveniently from 30 hours before departure via our website or the Lufthansa app and issue your boarding pass.

Other check-in services

Automated check-in

With this practical service your boarding pass is sent automatically by text or email directly to your mobile phone from as early as 30 hours before departure.

Late-night check-in

Late-night check-in enables you to check in your baggage the evening before your flight, so that you can enjoy a relaxed start to your journey on the day of departure.

Check-in deadlines

You’ll find all the relevant information about our various check-in methods and the check-in deadlines at your airport here.

Baggage drop-off

If you have already obtained your boarding pass on your smartphone, online or at a check-in counter, you have the option of checking in your baggage at a self-service bag drop kiosk.