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Flights to South America

From the peaks of the Andes to colorful Mexico, from the Argentinian pampas to the beaches of Rio de Janeiro.

 The Octavio Frias de Oliveira bridge is a cable-stayed bridge in Sao Paulo, Brazil over the Pinheiros River, opened in May 2008.  ; Shutterstock ID 155728031; Auftragsnummer: -; Kunde/Lizenznehmer: -

Flights to North America

From the Canadian wilderness to metropolises such as New York and Miami: our flights to North America take you quickly and easily to the New World.

Flights to Africa

From the deserts of the Sahara to the mountains of South Africa, from famous national parks to rough coastlines: find everything Africa has to offer and fly to your favorite African destination at ease.

Saadian pavilion,Menara gardens and Atlas in Marrakech, Morocco, Africa.

Flights to Asia

Book flights to Asia at our modern fleet of long-haul jets will fly you in relaxed comfort to Thailand, China, Japan and many other countries in Asia.