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Your flight to South America: Relax on the long flight

Why not book a flight to a destination in South America with Lufthansa today and let the adventure begin. Columbia and neighbouring Ecuador are beautiful countries with a climate of eternal spring and beautiful towns with historic centres from colonial times, high in the Andes Mountain Range.

Living the high life in the Andes

The best Columbian coffee is produced in this area, known by connoisseurs worldwide. Columbia (BOG) is the only South American state that has beaches on the Pacific and the Atlantic coast. The West Coast of South America is dominated by the Andes Mountains, with Peru, Bolivia and Chile cradling the coast. Here you can explore the remnants of the Inca culture, a vast Empire held together by mighty godlike kings and stretching from modern day Peru to Chile. At Machu Picchu, which hosts the most famous ruins of the ancient Inca civilisation, you are on a very high elevation. Even higher are Quito (UIO) in Ecuador, Cuzco (CUZ) in Peru or La Paz (LPB) in Bolivia, so better make sure you have no problem with being very high up in the mountains.

Rainforest and Pampa: Landscapes of South America

The biggest country in South America is Brazil, which includes most of the Amazon River system and rain forests. Of course it has also Rio de Janeiro (RIO). No other city in the southern hemisphere has been visited more often by tourists. Sugar Loaf Mountain, Copacabana Beach or Christ the Redeemer are some world famous sights, as is the Carnival with the battle of the Samba Schools. The rainforest of the Amazon is worth at least a daytrip to see amazing paradise birds and feeding the famous piranhas. Further south you can explore Argentina with its capital Buenos Aires (EZE). The one thing that Buenos Aires is known for is the Tango. It developed in the immigrant quarters and brothels before 1900, when six million immigrants from Spain and Italy flooded the city. If you want to learn this passionate and erotic dance, one of the many Tango schools of Buenos Aires will help you with the first steps. The Tango world championships are held every year in the cities many dance venues. When in Argentina, you should also see the Pampa, where the proud Gauchos are taking care of vast cattle herds. The southernmost tip of South America is called Tierra del Fuego, the land of fire. From here Antarctica is the next stop, that’s why the fires of the inhabitants were burning all the time when the first European adventurers sailed the coasts of Cape Horn. Whatever your favourite destination in South America is, Lufthansa will bring you there with a comfortable flight.

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