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Your flight to the Middle East: The cradle of civilization

Explore the exotic wonders of the Middle East with a comfortable Lufthansa flight to the region. Visit Turkey’s great city of Istanbul (IST) to experience the magic of life on the border of Europe and Asia with the Bosporus between the continents.

Time travelling in Anatolia

Istanbul has a lot of must-see attractions like the Topkapi Palace and the Hagia Sofia, the masterwork of byzantine architecture. Visit the Kaçkar Dağları mountain range by the Black Sea, one of the most rewarding mountains in Turkey for trekking. In the mountainous region of Anatolia you can see for yourself the oldest stone monuments of humankind, the stone monoliths of Göbekli Tepe. They are believed to be erected by hunter-gatherers more than twelve thousand years ago. Here the Neolithic revolution took place and agriculture was started. The oldest city in the world, nine thousand year old Çatalhöyük, is also not far away. Also in this area are the ruins of Hattusa, the capital of the once mighty Hittite empire, known for the first written peace treaty in the world with Egypt in 1259 or 1258 BC.

Have a feast in the Middle East

Get a flight to Jordan for some sightseeing and shopping in cosmopolitan Amman (AMM) and visit some of the region‘s most famous historical monuments. Petra in Wadi Musa, an entire city carved into a mountain, is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. And then there‘s Israel (TLV), where energetic travellers can enjoy Tel Aviv‘s amazing nightlife, world-class water sports at the beach resort of Eilat or hike to the mountain fortress of Masada overlooking the Dead Sea. Muscat (MCT), the capital of Oman in the south of the Arabian peninsula, was named the Capital of Arab Tourism in 2012. It is a sightseer‘s paradise and offers everything from rugged mountains and unspoilt beaches to sprawling cityscapes and old-world forts. Outside of the city, the rest of the sultanate is equally as appealing, offering a vast range of unforgettable experiences from water sports, dolphin cruises, caving expeditions and desert safaris to countless breath-taking UNESCO World Heritage sights that will transport you back in time over 2,000 years. Oman’s most famous son is Sinbad the sailor, at least the famous story of Scheherazade tells us so. Find a flight to Dubai (DXB), the fabled city state of the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is best known for its dazzling architecture, which includes the world’s highest building, the Burj Khalifa. Dubai has worked hard to reinvent itself as a perfect tourist attraction. Most famous is the artificial island cluster of Palm Jumeira. Book your flights to the Middle East with Lufthansa and explore the cradle of civilization.

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