Carry-on baggage rules at Lufthansa

Illustration zeigt zwei Personen mit Handgepäck vor dem Flugzeug // Illustration shows two people with hand luggage in front of the airplane

In the information below, we tell you how many items of carry-on baggage you may take with you according to your travel class, which items must be transported in carry-on baggage and how to stow your carry-on baggage in the cabin in a space-saving way.

You can also find the free baggage allowance for your flight as well as the maximum weight and dimensions of carry-on baggage at a glance in our baggage calculator – based on route, travel class and fare.

Current information

Make sure you have attached your name and (mobile) telephone number to each piece of baggage before checking it in at the airport. In addition, print out the following contact form and, after completing it, place it in your item of baggage.

To avoid long waiting times at security, please pack only the bare essentials in your carry-on baggage.

Less carry-on baggage, more comfort

For a smooth boarding procedure, more stowage space on board and a punctual departure, it is essential that your carry-on baggage corresponds to the regulations. That is why we check your carry-on baggage against the permitted dimensions, quantity and weight at departure airports.

Please note that Lufthansa checks during boarding whether the carry-on baggage rules are being adhered to. Carry-on baggage that is too large or too heavy will be taken at the gate and loaded into the cargo hold for a fee. The fees for this are significantly higher at the gate than in the check-in hall and can only be settled by credit card.

For very busy flights, it may be the case that you also have to check in carry-on baggage that conforms to the rules at the gate before boarding.

In both the above instances, please ensure that you take personal items, such as valuables and medications, into the cabin with you. Devices such as mobile phones and tablets, powerbanks or e-cigarettes that contain batteries or rechargeable batteries may also not be carried in checked baggage.