Get more out of your business travel

The free company bonus programme from Lufthansa.
Tailor-made for businesses of every size.

Optimise your travel costs with Lufthansa’s free bonus programme.
You and your employees collect points on flights with Lufthansa and its participating partner airlines which can then be redeemed for attractive awards:

  • Free flights within Germany and on international routes
  • Upgrades from Economy Class to Business or First Class on international flights

Details of further awards can be found at on the relevant country website.


Collect points for your business


At choose the country in which you are buying tickets. This will direct you to the relevant website where you can then easily register online. Once you have registered, the requisite log-in password will be e-mailed to you immediately, so you can already take advantage of all the programme’s benefits.
You can also find further information about the Lufthansa bonus programme here.


To get to the point

  • With Lufthansa’s company promotions programme you can have confidence in a wide-ranging bonus programme
  • You decide: would you like to use the awards yourself or prefer to utilise them for your employees’ business travel?
  • You have access to your points account 24 hours a day at
  • You can book and pay for your airline tickets as usual from the travel agent of your choice, online at or directly from Lufthansa.
  • You can double your points: as a participant in the Miles & More programme you and your employees collect extra personal miles.

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