New Baggage Concept

Starting from the 7th of November 2019, Lufthansa will introduce cheaper fares in Economy class with one piece of checked in baggage from Nigeria to Europe, Middle East and Asia.  This would be in addition to the existing two-piece baggage concept.

Fares are combinable offering passengers more flexibility to travel light and access cheaper fares with 1 pc and return with 2 pcs of baggage in one journey or vice versa as required. Passengers traveling light also have the option to purchase additional bag(s) against standard excess baggage rates.

For more information, please contact your travel agent or call the Lufthansa office on +234 1 4612222.

Hochwertiges Reisegepäck // High-quality baggage

How does Compensaid work?

The CO₂ calculator provided by the climate protection organisation, myclimate, helps you to calculate your journey’s carbon footprint. The result is based on the fuel consumption of the Lufthansa fleet. With Compensaid, you can then offset the emissions your flight has caused immediately afterwards.

Compensaid offers travellers two options: the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) or investing in a high-quality climate protection project portfolio. It is also possible to combine both alternatives.