First Class limousine service

Boarding just the way it should be: enjoy our exclusive limousine service for even greater comfort before boarding

Your flight has just been called. Now all you want to do is board as quickly as possible to start enjoying your journey above the clouds in First Class or in your Lufthansa Private Jet. If you are a First Class guest, this pleasure starts with boarding at Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich, Geneva or Vienna: if your flight is departing from certain aircraft positions, you will be chauffeur driven in a limousine or exclusive minivan straight to your aircraft. Are you flying with Lufthansa Private Jet? Then the limousine service is included within Frankfurt, Munich, Dusseldorf and Zurich airports. In addition, for an extra charge, you can book a limousine service that will collect you from your home or office and drive you directly to your Lufthansa private jet. You can also book the limousine service at your destination.