Entry requirements

Entry into Germany

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  • Fully vaccinated or recovered persons no longer need a negative Corona test and no longer have to go into quarantine. This does not apply to those entering from virus-variant areas - here, a general testing obligation applies before entry and a 14-day quarantine obligation for all entrants.
  • After a stay in a simple risk area, quarantine can be avoided with the still obligatory Corona test before entry (exception: fully vaccinated or recovered persons).
  • To legally avoid quarantine, you have a legal obligation to upload your vaccination, immunity or test proof to the Digital Entry Application (DEA). In exceptional cases, you can submit the proof within 24 hours of entry, but in this case you must remain in quarantine until it is sent. Alternatively, you can also submit the proofs digitally or by letter to your competent health office - in this case, quarantine is also mandatory until dispatch.
  • The test must be carried out at the earliest 48 hours (antigen test) or 72 hours (PCR, RT-LAMP or TMA test) before entering Germany. You must present a corresponding negative test certificate or, if applicable, proof of vaccination or immunity before departure and upon entry.
  • Simplified rules now apply for passengers travelling to Germany on an international flight with a connecting flight to a Schengen country. Provided that the entry requirements of the destination country are met, a transfer in Germany (including entering into the Schengen area) is now possible. Prerequisites are a confirmed ticket for the onward flight within 24 hours and/or other documentation for the onward journey. The required proof of a negative Corona test, the vaccination against Covid-19 or the immunity is still required (exception non-Schengen to non-Schengen). This rule does not apply to passengers from virus variant areas.

Entry regulations for your destination

Find the most important information about entering your destination country: regulations for Corona test certificates and local test centres, as well as local quarantine regulations. Simply enter your departure and destination airport here.

Information about Corona tests

We have put together all you need to know about the requirements for a Corona test certificate. You’ll also find all the important information about Corona test centres at Frankfurt and Munich airports.

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