All check-in options

With one click to your destination: your check-in with Lufthansa

With Lufthansa’s check-in options you can check in conveniently online or mobile – wherever suits you best. A few clicks are all it takes and you will receive your boarding pass in an instant.

Care&Confidence – so you can fly with no worries

We strongly recommend to check in for your flight via our digital and mobile services on our website or within the Lufthansa app.

Please understand that due to the current situation, mobile boarding passes are not available on every flight and you will only receive your physical boarding pass after your Covid-19 related documents have been checked at the counter.

There follows a video about online check-in.

Online check-in

Check in conveniently for your next flight from home or the office. You can print out your boarding pass easily yourself.

Mobile check-in

Extremely practical: even when you’re out and about you can check in via your smartphone or tablet and download your mobile boarding pass.

Check-in deadlines

You’ll find all the relevant information about our various check-in methods and the check-in deadlines at your airport here.

Other check-in services

Automated check-in

With this practical service your boarding pass is sent automatically by text or email directly to your mobile phone from as early as 23 hours before departure.

Late-night check-in

Late-night check-in enables you to check in your baggage the evening before your flight, so that you can enjoy a relaxed start to your journey on the day of departure.