Digital baggage services

Illustration zeigt Situation am Bag Drop Automaten // Illustration shows situation at bag drop terminals

With the Lufthansa app and our digital baggage services, you can enjoy the reassurance of knowing where your baggage is located throughout your journey.

Baggage receipt and baggage status

Immediately after dropping off your baggage at either the check-in counter or a self-service bag drop kiosk, it is very easy to call up your baggage receipt and baggage status using the mobile boarding pass on your smartphone.

Your baggage receipt will be sent to you as a push notification in the Lufthansa app and/or by email. In the event of your baggage going astray, this baggage receipt serves as the starting point for locating your baggage. After your receipt has been displayed once, it will also be filed locally in the Lufthansa app so that you can refer to it at any time.

Baggage carousel information

After you have landed, a push notification will inform you which baggage carousel to go to in order to pick up your baggage. This service is currently available at a number of airports (e.g. Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart and Milan).


Instead of waiting to get to the airport to put a bag tag on your baggage and to register it, you can do this at home for selected routes.

Electronic Bag Tag

With an Electronic Bag Tag you can easily and conveniently provide your baggage with the necessary bag tags for your flight yourself, either from home or when you’re on the move—and the entire process is completely digital.

All you need to do this is a checked-in Lufthansa flight and an Electronic Bag Tag (from BAGTAG or a RIMOWA suitcase with built-in Electronic Bag Tag). In this way you can check in your baggage via app  and drop it off at the airport within moments.

Bag drop-off at self-service bag drop kiosks

In Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg and Berlin as well as in Geneva, Vienna and at other selected airports outside Germany, there are self-service bag drop kiosks available to you where you can check in your baggage.

As soon as you have your boarding pass, which you have issued either on your mobile phone or online, you can check in your baggage yourself very easily at the self-service bag drop kiosks.

Online notification of delayed baggage

If your luggage is not delivered to you on the baggage carousel, you can report it as delayed, either online or via your Smartphone.

It is very easy to access this service:

We recommend that you remain at the airport until your details have been successfully transmitted.