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Relax on your flight to Europe

from CNY12,990*

*exclusive of taxes, fees and surcharges
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  • Purchase by: 06.20.2016
  • Departure period: 06.01.2016-08.31.2016
  • Return period: 07.07.2016-10.01.2016
* Fare in CNY excluding taxes, fees and surcharges

Winter Holidays Special

from ¥ 1,190*
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  • Purchase by: 06.15.2016
  • Departure period: 12.16.2016-03.31.2017
  • Return period: 12.22.2016-04.12.2017
* Round-trip excluding all taxes, fees and surcharges.

Summer holidays in Europe

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  • Purchase by: 06.10.2016
  • Departure period: 06.18.2016-08.31.2016
  • Return period: 06.24.2016-09.30.2016
* Fare in CNY excluding taxes and surcharges

Premium Economy Class special offers

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  • Purchase by: 06.30.2016
  • Departure period: 06.08.2016-12.31.2016
  • Return period: 06.08.2016-01.31.2017
* fare in CNY excluding taxes, fees and surcharges

Fly Lufthansa First Class

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* Round-trip including all taxes, fees and surcharges.

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Lufthansa offers you flights offers at particularly low fares. Take advantage of our special flight deals and cheap last minute offers. Whether Germany, Europe, Africa, or South America, we fly you to your dream destination in the customary Lufthansa quality, including outbound and return flights, as well as valuable miles. Flights at discounted fares and last minute special offers at a glance. Fly directly or via one of our hubs Frankfurt (FRA) or Munich (MUC) to worldwide destinations with Lufthansa.

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