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Málaga - Live like a prince

Step into a different time and place this vacation: Book a stay at one of the almost 100 Parador hotels in Spain and you are in for a very special treat. The state-run Parador hotel chain specializes in offering exclusive accommodation in converted historical castles, fortresses, monasteries and palaces. You can take in some of the most romantic hotels in the country on a trip through Andalusia




Málaga is an excellent starting point for exploring Andalusia: One magnificent mansion, now a Parador, can be found right next door to Gibralfaro Castle, which is perched on top of the city’s tallest hill. The hotel’s terrace and its small rooftop pool both offer a fantastic panoramic view out over the sea. And there’s more: This Parador stands face to face with another ancient monument, the Moorish fortress Alcazaba.

Parador de Málaga Gibralfaro: Castillo de Gibralfaro, Málaga




During the day, thousands of tourists swarm through the fairy-tale Alhambra, one of the most-visited attractions in all of Spain. Only after the hordes of visitors have disappeared and night approaches does the place fully regain its own very special atmosphere of peaceful enchantment - to the exclusive pleasure of the guests of Parador de Granada. Located at the heart of the palace complex, this wonderful hotel invites guests to spend the night within the walls of the more than 500-year-old San Francisco Monastery. Many of the decorative details of its rooms, its inner courtyards and terraces recall Moorish Spain. The view from the hotel of the palace complex and extensive gardens is breathtaking.

Parador de Granada: Real de la Alhambra, Granada




This Parador atop a rocky plateau towers proud and pretty over the small town of Carmona, near Seville. Built as a mighty fortress by the Moors in the 14th century, it was converted into a luxury palace by the Christian rulers who succeeded them. Like most other Paradors, this hotel rejoices in lush gardens and courtyards as well as a first-class restaurant serving regional specialties. In Andalusia alone, the state-run hotel chain has 15 exclusive hostelries.

Parador de Carmona: Alcázar, Carmona. Information center for all Parador hotels: +49/(0)211-864 15 20. (German). +34/902 547 979, (international).


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