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Take advantage of Lufthansa's great offers and book today. From Shanghai, you can fly to Zurich, Switzerland, perhaps to enjoy the magnificent skiing that is on offer in the nearby Alps or to be dazzled by the millions of Alpine flowers that emerge after the winter snow has melted. The city itself is elegant and business-like. It is renowned as a centre of world finance and banking. Culturally, classical music, opera and ballet are always available, and the many restaurants offer a high standard of cuisine. Whether you are travelling for pleasure or on business, Lufthansa will get you there smoothly and affordably.

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Further flights with Lufthansa worldwide Besides a trip to Zurich, Lufthansa flies to many places all around the world. Visit cultural centers in Europe, Asia and America. Take a weekend jaunt or plan a longer trip to an exotic locale. Visit historical sites, museums, or go on an epic shopping expedition. Where you want to go, Lufthansa will get you there.
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