Lufthansa apps for children: digital fun and games for little passengers

Children love everything about flying! Which explains the great success enjoyed by Lufthansa’s first app for children under six: "Take off! The fun-packed journey for little passengers". Now older kids, too, can look forward to enjoying some special games: our new app, "Super JetFriends", guarantees lots of excitement for seven- to eleven-year-olds!

"Super JetFriends": the new Lufthansa app for kids aged seven and above

Below is a video about “Super JetFriends”, the Lufthansa app for kids aged seven and above.

The free Lufthansa app, "Super JetFriends", not only provides great entertainment on journeys and in the holidays – it also invites children into the world of aviation during their leisure time. The app has been developed with the help and advice of children and is completely safe for children, with no advertising or in-app shopping. It also has a separate parents’ area with explanatory notes. The app is available free of charge for smartphones and tablets in German and English, it is suitable for iOS and Android devices, and can be downloaded from the App Store or from Google Play™.

The action-packed world of "Super JetFriends"

Here, together with Lu and Cosmo, kids can complete important tasks around the airport – in the form of exciting, educational games. They can build their own superplane, help the pilot navigate the aircraft, refuel waiting aircraft, test their knowledge and much more.

Download the "Super JetFriends" app:

‘Take-off! The fun-packed journey for little passengers’

With "Take-off!", the free children’s app developed for smartphones and tablets which works on Apple and Android devices, Lufthansa has developed a medium that is both educational and exciting for children, as well as safe and simple to operate. Six charmingly drawn activity pictures contain up to 60 animations each and a mini-game – which makes playing during the journey lots of fun!

Get ready to play, set, go!

"Take-off! The fun-packed journey for little passengers" is a great game all about flying for children aged between three and six: who wears a uniform at the airport, why is a tree shedding its leaves in the middle of the large departures hall, what really happens at security, and what countries do the passengers come from?

Download "Take-off!" App:

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