Check in conveniently with your whole family

Are you flying off on holiday with the whole family and want to find the fastest way to your departure gate? We have a few tips here to help you enjoy a relaxed start to your trip.

Simply check in from home or en route

With online check-in, you and your whole family can check in conveniently from home from as early as 23 hours before departure. You can choose adjacent seats and print out your boarding passes or have them sent to your mobile phone. Once you arrive at the airport, you only have to drop off your baggage and you can then enjoy a relaxed start to your holiday.
By the way: on long-haul trips, such as on flights to the USA, you can also provide the requisite entry details when you check in online.

Relaxed all the way to your departure gate

Our online and mobile check-in options are perfect when travelling with the whole family. They enable you to issue all your boarding passes yourself and save them on your smartphone. After check-in you can simply drop your baggage at one of the baggage drop-off counters. At some airports, you can check in your baggage the evening before your flight and then enjoy a relaxed start to your journey the next day with just your carry-on baggage.

Lufthansa self-service bag drop kiosks

There’s no quicker way to check in your baggage! If you’re flying from Frankfurt, Munich or Hamburg airport, try out our new self-service bag drop kiosks. You’ll be impressed! In only three steps you can ensure that your bags are on their way to your destination. You’ll find more information about our self-service bag drop kiosks here.