Offset carbon emissions

München Helikopterflug // Helicopter flight over Munich

Take action with Compensaid

Travel connects us, helps us get to know other cultures and strengthens business relationships. Yet, at the same time, flights contribute to global CO₂ emissions. It is therefore becoming increasingly important to fly responsibly and to understand travel patterns and their impact on our planet. In this way, we can make the necessary changes together. That is why, in cooperation with the Lufthansa Innovation Hub, we have developed the Compensaid service. Compensaid enables you to keep an eye on your travel activities and to offset your carbon emissions. mindfultravel

How does Compensaid work?

The CO₂ calculator provided by the climate protection organisation, myclimate, helps you to calculate your journey’s carbon footprint. The result is based on the fuel consumption of the Lufthansa fleet. With Compensaid, you can then offset the emissions your flight has caused immediately afterwards.

Compensaid offers travellers two options: the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) or investing in a high-quality climate protection project portfolio. It is also possible to combine both alternatives.