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How about your very own personal odyssey in the same waters that the great Odysseus himself got lost in? As you are probably not in conflict with sea god Poseidon, as Odysseus was, your chances to enjoy your trip around the Aegean are very high indeed. Start you Greek holidays in Athens, birthplace of Democracy and Philosophy. You have to visit the Acropolis, of course, but also have a look at the lesser known Temple of Hephaistos. He was the Greek god of volcanos, fire and blacksmiths, the first heavenly engineer and husband to lovely Aphrodite, goddess of love. Athens is also a sprawling modern day city, so have a night out dancing in the clubs on the Athenian Riviera, the coastline of Athens.

But after a night with too much wine and ouzo you may want to work out a bit. Well, there is always Olympia, in this case the real one, situated in the mountains west of Athens. You can take a run on the same track that was used in the 4th century BC. The Temple of Zeus is still there, even though his mighty statue is lost. Then there is Marathon, from here the famous run to Athens was allegedly performed and is still recreated all over the world. Or you do some serious mountaineering in northern Greece on the actual Mount Olympus, fabled to be the home of the Greek Gods. From here it just a short trip to the second biggest city of Greece, Thessaloniki. This is where you can leave mainland Greece and dive into the beautiful world of the Greek Aegean Sea with thousands of small and some very famous big islands. Naxos, Lesbos, Mykonos, Santorin, Samos and mighty Crete, all the names known from Greek mythology are still there. Each of these islands is used to tourism and has a very good infrastructure for the beach life as well as for the historically interested. Especially on Crete there is a lot of history to take in. Here the Minoan culture was excavated, that thrived between 2500 BC and 1200 BC. The Palace of Knossos on Crete still stands as a witness for the mighty culture of the Minoans and can still be visited. All their famous artifacts can be seen in the historical museum of Heraklion, the biggest city on Crete.

Yes, Greek history can be demanding, and for those who are also well versed in Greek mythology there is nearly no place that has not some god- or hero-connected significance. But there is also the fun side of Greece: endless sunshine, deep blue crystal clear water, wonderful beaches, sailing or motor boat rides, scuba diving and swimming during the day and the luscious Greek food with excellent wines in the evening. Each island, but also each part of mainland Greece has its own culinary specialties and its distinct wine, and you should try them all. Yes, that will take about the same ten years that it took Odysseus to sail home to Ithaka. So take your time for a timeless adventure and get your ticket to Greece right now.

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