Dangerous goods

Pack correctly for safety

Illustration zeigt gefährliche Gegenstände an der Sicherheitskontrolle // Illustration shows dangerous goods at the security check

In order to guarantee your safety on board, the transport of certain items either in checked baggage or in your carry-on baggage is not permitted. That’s why it is important that before your departure you inform yourself thoroughly and pack correctly. Here you’ll find an overview of which dangerous goods may be transported in which item of baggage. You can also find out here which conditions the items have to meet.

Information on the carriage of Apple MacBooks

Apple has recalled certain 15 inch models of Macbook Pro laptops sold between 2015 and 2017 as a result of a battery defect. If the battery of those specific recalled models were not replaced by the manufacturer, the passenger will not be able to carry the laptop on board the aircraft. Lufthansa is following a safety directive from the European Aviation Safety Authority (EASA) which has been in force since February 2017. It prohibits the transportation of defective lithium batteries or those affected by a recall. Lufthansa crews are carefully trained in handling lithium batteries.

All dangerous goods at a glance

If you would like detailed information about dangerous goods, you can find a comprehensive list by category on the following page: