Late-night check-in

Late-night check-in is particularly appreciated by tour groups and travellers with small children or a lot of baggage. Because when your baggage is already in good hands, you can start your journey the next day feeling much more relaxed.

Vater, Mutter und die zwei Maedels stehen am Auto. Vater verlaed das Gepaeck // father, mother and the two girls are standing next to the car. father is loading the luggage.

How late-night check-in works

In general, late-night check-in is possible for all flights operated by Lufthansa or a Lufthansa Regional partner and is available at numerous airports.

The evening before your flight – but no earlier than 23 hours prior to departure – check in your baggage* at a check-in counter or at a check-in machine and choose your seat. Then take your boarding pass, and the next day you can proceed directly to your flight at the relevant departure gate.

Please note that you can only check in at a check-in counter with an Economy Class ticket in exceptional circumstances. Instead, please use our convenient check in options of online or mobile check-in or a check-in machine at the airport.

Late-night check-in to the USA, Canada and Mexico

The late-night check-in is situated in the check-in areas especially designated for these destinations and is possible for both direct flights and connections. Please note that, unfortunately, late-night check-in is not available for flights with Air Canada from Munich.

Exception: connecting flights to the USA when the transatlantic flight is operated by a US airline.

Note: late-night check-in for flights departing from North America (USA, Canada, Mexico) is not available for security reasons.

Late-night check-in by groups

Late-night check-in by tour groups is only possible through the responsible tour guide. The tour guide must prove his or her identity by showing an official photo ID.

Late-night check-in by small groups (families, couples, several persons known to each other) is also possible through one member of the group. This individual must carry the ID documents of all the group members.

* Please note that animals can only be checked in on the day of departure.