Planning a trip with children

Even before your holiday begins, you can make a number of preparations that will enable your whole family to enjoy a relaxed start to the holiday. With our clear PDF checklist, you’ll be the perfect holiday manager.

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Important information about flying with children

Checklist for planning a journey with children

With our clear PDF checklist, you’ll be the perfect holiday manager for a trip with your family.

Country-specific travel regulations

It is each passenger’s responsibility to find out about current entry and exit regulations and to take the required documents with them. Lufthansa accepts no responsibility in these circumstances.

You are responsible for obtaining all the required travel documents and visas for your journey for yourself and your children and for complying with all the rules of the countries from, to or over which you will be flying. The same applies to our regulations and instructions in this respect.

Advance seat reservation for the family

Whether it’s a window or an aisle seat or a seat with more legroom: Lufthansa offers you the opportunity of reserving seats for yourself and your travelling companions in advance or of selecting them at check-in.