Special Conditions of Carriage for Lufthansa Private Jet

1. Definitions

Unless the wording or the context requires a different interpretation, the following expressions have the meaning assigned to them below:

LPJ – Lufthansa Private Jet, a product of Deutsche Lufthansa AG.

The Main passenger is the passenger who was issued the Lufthansa Private Jet ticket, which has a monetary value. This person is the contracting partner.

A Travelling companion is any person who accompanies the main passenger on a Lufthansa Private Jet flight.

The Operating partner is the company that operates the Lufthansa Private Jet flight on behalf of and in accordance with the guidelines of Lufthansa.

Aircraft category: Lufthansa Private Jet offers a variety of different aircraft categories. Within the aircraft categories, different aircraft models from different manufacturers and with different layouts are available for use. Lufthansa Private Jet reserves the right to change the model at short notice.

LPJ fare: LPJ offers several different fares. Products and services may vary for each of the fares.

LPJ Specials are reduced fares with differing products, services, supplementary Conditions of Carriage and limited availability (e.g. RT24 is a reduced fare for which the outbound and return flights must both occur within 24 hours). Details can be found in the specific conditions of each fare.

The Flight Reservation Form is the confirmation of an aircraft booking. All information provided in the confirmation is subject to current operability and the final issue of formal and official permits.

2. Applicability

2.1. The General Conditions of Carriage of Deutsche Lufthansa AG apply. In addition, the Special Conditions of Carriage of LPJ, which supplement the General Conditions of Carriage of Deutsche Lufthansa AG, apply to all LPJ flights. In the event of a dispute, the Special Conditions of Carriage of LPJ take precedent over the General Conditions of Carriage of Deutsche Lufthansa AG.

2.2. In the event that a provision stated in these Conditions of Carriage is inconsistent with our fares or applicable law, such fares or laws shall prevail. If any provision of these Conditions of Carriage is invalid under applicable law, the other provisions shall nevertheless remain valid.

3. Tickets

3.1. LPJ issues electronic tickets in booking class F (First Class). Booking class F applies to all LPJ tickets and fares offered. The booking class stated in the reservation and on the ticket does not entitle the customer to products, services or the availability of scheduled flights. The specific Conditions of Carriage for LPJ booking class F arise from the respective LPJ fare applied.

3.2. Changes to the ticket (including changes to the destination or the flight times) can only be made directly via Deutsche Lufthansa AG.

3.3. The passenger receipt will be sent to the contracting partner as an electronic document after the flight has been completed.

4. Fares, Taxes, Fees and Surcharges

4.1. The LPJ Service Team provide non-binding price information upon request from the customer. The price information cannot be considered as a reservation or a guarantee of the operability of the flight requested. The services and prices that were sent with the flight reservation form apply.

4.2. Additional services that go beyond the available services of the respective fare (e.g. individual catering, use of the satellite telephone on board the LPJ aircraft, limousine service, use of extended airport opening hours) are calculated separately. The calculation may, in part, not be carried out until after the flight is completed and after the main invoice is issued by the participating service partner. When ordering a special service of this type, the customer authorises Lufthansa Private Jet to subsequently debit the credit card provided without the necessity for separate approval.

4.3. Taxes, fees, surcharges and charges are indicated separately to the flight offer.

4.4. For specific destinations, additional fees, surcharges, taxes and charges may apply due to exceptional conditions, e.g. for large international airports with limited capacity (High Density Charges), night-time operation or special security regulations. These are part of the total price to be paid by the customer. As such, the individual total price may deviate from the price advertised.

5. Bookings

5.1. LPJ flights can either be booked separately or in conjunction with a flight operated by Lufthansa or SWISS, but NOT in conjunction with a Code Share flight or a separate flight operated by a different airline. However, the booking of separate, individual flights is possible.

5.2. The reservation of an LPJ flight entails the booking and use of the entire aircraft for the selected aircraft category. There is no entitlement to the use of a specific aircraft model within an aircraft category. Lufthansa Private Jet reserves the right to change the model at short notice. The booking can only be made by the contracting partner, i.e. the main passenger.

5.3. Bookings for LPJ can be made – subject to availability – at the earliest 360 days, and at the latest 10 hours, before the flight, according to the Special Conditions of Carriage. These special Conditions of Carriage are supplementary to and deviate in part from the applicable General Conditions of Carriage of Deutsche Lufthansa AG. LPJ departure flights with Private Jet 2 are available. Deviating terms and conditions apply for selected fares, countries and destinations.

5.4. An LPJ flight is confirmed with the communication of the travel details, once the flight has been successfully planned. This may be dependent, for example, on official approval, “slot” availability etc. In certain cases, final confirmation may only be provided up to 12 hours before the departure of the LPJ flight.

5.5. The respective contracting partner (main passenger) is the only person who can rebook, cancel or change a flight.

5.6. The respective contracting partner (main passenger) is the only person (depending on the seating capacity of the aircraft) who can add additional persons or cancel them up to 12 hours before the departure of the LPJ flight. After this period has elapsed, passengers who are not booked on the flight may be refused the right to travel.

5.7. For bookings made less than 72 hours before departure of the LPJ flight, the respective credit card is debited within 24 hours after the travel details are sent. If the credit institute refuses to settle the balance arising from the agreement, the flight is cancelled and the costs incurred, if applicable, are charged to the customer.

5.8. A maximum of six segments can be flown within 24 hours.

6. Check-in and Boarding

The check-in deadline for all LPJ flights is 30 minutes before departure time.

7. Limitations and Refusal of Carriage

7.1. The carriage of unaccompanied children (from the age of 6 to the age of 13) on aircraft categories without flight attendants is only accepted when a corresponding adult travelling companion has been booked as well. In addition, there are no extra fees for unaccompanied children on LPJ flights.

7.2. Here we once again point to the validity and applicability of the points described under Article 7 of the General Terms & Conditions of Deutsche Lufthansa AG that may lead to Limitations and the Right to Refuse Carriage.

8. Baggage

8.1. Due to the volume limits of the baggage room on LPJ aircraft, various limitations and restrictions regarding baggage apply depending on the aircraft and place of departure or destination. The LPJ Service Team provides consultation on this matter on an individual basis.

In addition, the First Class baggage regulations current at the time of booking apply. For reduced fares, the respective deviating conditions apply.

8.3. The transport of golf or other sports equipment is free of charge for Point-to-Point LPJ flights (i.e. LPJ flights that have not been booked in conjunction with a Lufthansa or SWISS connecting flight), provided that the free baggage allowance has not been exceeded. Due to volume/capacity restrictions, it may not be possible to accommodate some types of sports equipment or other baggage items. For an additional fee, the item can be transported separately via a forwarder. This service must be booked at least 48 hours before the planned departure of the Lufthansa Private Jet flight. The contracting partner is liable for the provision of exact measurements and weights.

8.4. The transport of wheelchairs must be registered at least 24 hours before the planned departure of the LPJ flight along with the exact measurements and weight. Due to limited luggage compartment capacity, a transport alternative may be necessary (ground transport). Deutsche Lufthansa AG assumes the cost for this transport.

8.5. As LPJ luggage compartments don’t have a pressure equalisation system, checked baggage (i.e. all baggage apart from carry-on baggage) must not contain any items that are pressurised in any way (e.g. cosmetics, hairspray etc.). Lufthansa is not liable for damages that arise from a breach of these conditions on the part of the customer.

8.6. Excess baggage that has been transported on Lufthansa or SWISS scheduled flights must be transported separately, if applicable, for the connecting flight with LPJ and is subject to an additional fee. The fee levied for the Lufthansa or SWISS scheduled flight does not guarantee the onward carriage of the baggage to the destination of the LPJ flight even if the baggage was presented/checked in for the destination.

8.7. The carriage of pets is subject to the General Conditions of Carriage of Deutsche Lufthansa AG. Animals can only be transported in the cabin of the LPJ aircraft. However, the carriage of pets on Point-to-Point LPJ flights (i.e. Lufthansa LPJ flights that have not been booked in conjunction with a Lufthansa or SWISS scheduled connecting flight) is free of charge. The carriage of pets must be registered at least 12 hours before the departure of the LPJ flight.

8.8. The carriage of living animals in the luggage compartment of a connecting flight must be registered at least 24 hours before the departure of the LPJ flight.

8.9. The carriage of pets on a connecting flight is subject to the General Conditions of Carriage that apply to the respective route.

9. Timetables, Delays and Cancellation of Flights

9.1. All LPJ flights are individual flights available to the contracting partner.

9.2. Deutsche Lufthansa AG provides no guarantee that a connecting flight will wait for a delayed LPJ flight. In the event that a passenger misses a connecting flight that was booked in conjunction with an LPJ flight and for which they have a confirmed reservation, the passenger has no entitlement to be taken to their destination by LPJ.

9.3. In the event of an unexpected/unforeseen official or operational restriction, Deutsche Lufthansa AG reserves the right to reschedule a flight at short notice. In such cases, LPJ specifically reserves the right to take off from/land at the closest alternative airport available. Deutsche Lufthansa AG will inform the contracting partner or the main passenger as soon as possible about all changes, will coordinate check-in options and make ground transport available for passengers to/from the original place of departure/destination.

10. Refunds and rebooking

10.1. Changes or cancellations are free of charge up to 48 hours before the scheduled departure time of the LPJ flight listed in the travel details. For cancellations between 48 and 36 hours before the scheduled departure of the LPJ flight, 75% of the flight price is reimbursed. For cancellations between 36 and 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the LPJ flight, 50% of the flight price is reimbursed. For cancellations between 24 and 12 hours before the scheduled departure of the LPJ flight, 25% of the flight price is reimbursed. No reimbursement is made for cancellations under 12 hours before the scheduled departure of the LPJ flight. Any deviating conditions apply for reduced-fare flights.

10.2. In the event of a cancellation, taxes and fees not used are completely reimbursed.

10.3. The contracting partner is entitled to give evidence that LPJ did not incur damages, or not to the amount suggested.

10.4. The reimbursement of additional services that were obtained/purchased directly from the partner operating the Private Jet flight is subject to the reimbursement conditions of the operating partner. Deutsche Lufthansa AG is not liable for the reimbursement of services that the passenger received directly from the operating partner.

11. Behaviour on board and passenger liability

11.1. If the scheduled departure time is pushed back by more than two hours due to a delay on the part of the main passenger or travel companion(s), entitlement to the operation of the flight lapses. The costs that arise in this event are borne by the main passenger. The amount of the compensation is calculated based on the cost of the flight, unless the customer can prove that the compensation amount should be lower.

11.2. Damages that arise due to the non-observance of regulations/instructions will be charged to the customer.

12. Additional Services

LPJ provides additional services at the time of the LPJ booking. Services that are not directly rendered by Deutsche Lufthansa AG are identified accordingly. LPJ is not liable for the operation or quality of these services.

13. Administrative Formalities

13.1. The main passenger and each travelling companion are obliged to show the LPJ flight crew a valid ID card or passport.

13.2. The passenger is responsible for providing the travel documents and visa necessary for the journey; Deutsche Lufthansa AG is not liable for any consequences arising from an omission of this nature. Any penalties that may arise are borne by the passenger. Explicit reference to this is made in Article 13 of the General Conditions of Carriage of Deutsche Lufthansa AG.

14. Other Conditions

14.1. In the aircraft categories under the category “Large”, only cold meals can be provided. Catering depends on the place of departure and may change according to the season at the time.

All LPJ flights from or to Frankfurt may also be run from the nearby Egelsbach Airport. If an LPJ flight is taken in conjunction with a Lufthansa long-haul flight, Deutsche Lufthansa AG provides a free transfer.

15. LPJ limousine service

15.1. LPJ offers passengers LPJ fares with and without a limousine service. For fares with a limousine service, the main passenger and their travelling companions are provided with an uninterrupted limousine transfer up to a distance of 40 km in the aircraft category “Small Size”, up to 60 km in the “Mid Size” category and up to 80 km in the “Large Size” and “Long Range” categories. Destinations with legal regulations that do not authorise such a service are excluded.

15.2. Those permitted carriage are the main passenger and their travelling companions, in accordance with the seating capacity booked with corresponding departure and destination points, a corresponding itinerary and an LPJ fare booking. This service is valid as a direct feeder or collecting service from before or after an LPJ flight to before or after a long-haul flight operated by Lufthansa (LH) or SWISS (LX). Deviations from this or from the routes mentioned under 15.1 are calculated according to the valid LPJ limousine service price list. The calculation may be carried out in part by the service partner after the flight is completed and after the main invoice is issued.

15.3. Bookings for this service are regarded as agreed once LPJ has confirmed the reservation in writing.

15.4. The LPJ limousine service is operated by a contract partner. No options are provided in relation to the operating service provider, the car brand or other wishes.

15.5. If the limousine service goes unused, this does not reduce the flight price. In addition, LPJ is not liable for any small negligence that may arise from the incorrect operation of the LPJ limousine service.

16. LPJ lounge access

16.1. In principle, a flight with Lufthansa Private Jet entitles the passenger to the use of the local lounges. Due to the varied offers and, in part, to the restrictive local regulations, lounge access in the context of LPJ flights cannot always be guaranteed.

Access to Lufthansa, SWISS or Star Alliance partner lounges is possible in direct connection with an LPJ HUB service, that is, the direct connection to or from a long-haul flight in First Class operated by Lufthansa or SWISS, but may be restricted due to local regulations or practices. If lounge use is made possible in the context of status privileges and/or a booking on a scheduled flight, which is not in First Class, LPJ will not be responsible for the direct transport of the passenger from the lounge to the LPJ flight. The main passenger is solely responsible for boarding on time at the terminal scheduled for the LPJ flight.

17. Miles & More, Customer Loyalty Programmes

17.1. The credit of miles is carried out solely through the Lufthansa customer loyalty programme, Miles & More. Other customer loyalty programmes are excluded.

17.2. The amount of the miles to be credited and the customer group receiving them are based on the current fare and the related offers.

 The mileage credit is limited to the lead passenger.