Most significant routes

The most significant route is defined by IATA Resolution 302. IATA divides international travel into three large areas known as ‘Tariff Conferences’ (TCs). These are then divided into sub-areas:

IATA Tariff Conference 1 – TC 1: America and Greenland
Sub-areas in Tariff Conference 1: North America, Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean, South America

IATA Tariff Conference 2 – TC 2: Europe, Africa and the Middle East

Sub-areas in Tariff Conference 2: Europe, the Middle East, Africa (including islands in the Indian Ocean)

IATA Tariff Conference 3 – TC 3: Asia and Oceania
Sub-areas in Tariff Conference 3: South Asia, Southeast Asia, Japan and Korea, the South West Pacific, Australia,
New Zealand


A stopover is defined as a stay or a break in a journey of more than 24 hours.
Example: you have booked flights from Frankfurt via Dubai to Bangkok. In Dubai you have a stay of two days (48 hours).

  • From Frankfurt to Dubai with flight number LH 630 (LH = Lufthansa), operated by Lufthansa.
  • Continue after two days from Dubai to Bangkok with flight number TG 518 (TG = Thai Airways), operated by Thai Airways.

The baggage provisions for your journey from Frankfurt to Dubai therefore comply with Lufthansa’s free baggage regulations. Because of your 48-hour stay in Dubai, Thai Airways’ free baggage regulations apply from Dubai to Bangkok.