Rethinking air travel: our eJournals

eine Frau benutzt FlyNet auf dem iPad; a woman is using FlyNet on her iPad

eJournals for all Lufthansa passengers

Thanks to free eJournals, you have a variety of up-to-date newspapers and magazines to hand at all times.

Numerous newspapers and magazines in different languages and genres are now available to you as free eJournals. These can be downloaded very easily onto your smartphone, tablet or laptop before your flight, so you have reading matter for your trip before, during and after your flight, in a space-saving and convenient way.

Simply enter your name and booking code and you can download your title of choice to your mobile device before your flight. You can use your free download allocation from five days before travel up to the last day of your journey.


Your personal eJournals download allocation

When you book a Lufthansa-operated flight for an individual route you are entitled to a certain number of free eJournal downloads. The prerequisite for your allocation is that you have a Lufthansa airline ticket. Your personal eJournals download allocation is based on the travel class you have booked and your Miles & More status. You can find out your download allocation in the following table.

Travel Class Number of titles
Economy Class 1 title
Premium Economy Class 2 titles
Business Class 3 titles
First Class 20 titles

* As a HON Circle Member you profit from 20 titles regardless of the travel class. As a Senator you profit from 3 titles, except in First Class an amount of 20 is available.

In addition, you can access your personal eJournals directly both via the ‚ÄčLufthansa app and at the end of the online check-in process. If you have used up your eJournals download allocation, you can easily purchase your title of choice for the price stated in the selection window.