Children’s menus – delicious treats on board

With our children’s menus our young passengers can look forward to a real highlight on board. That’s because they have a choice of dishes created especially for them, such as ‘rice pudding mouse’, ‘dragon feet’ or ‘hen house’ – dishes which not only look fun, but which are also really tasty.

There now follows a video about children’s menus on board.

As part of an extensive meals testing, a children’s jury chose dishes from the many delicious creations by Alexander Herrmann, dishes that will later be served on board as children’s menus.

Tasty children’s menus by Alexander Herrmann

Our children’s menus have been developed and put together by top chef Alexander Herrmann. Alexander Herrmann, who visibly enjoyed this special task, is not only the operator of three excellent restaurants in Nuremberg and a cookery school as well as a well-known TV chef on many channels, he is also the father of two children. That’s why passing on to children the fun to be had in eating and cooking at an early age is a cause close to his heart.

The meals not only taste delicious and are colourful in a way that is suitable for children, but they usually include playful elements as well. What’s more, the children’s meals follow the principles of a balanced diet. In addition, only high-quality fats such as olive oil are used and only in reduced quantities.

Booking special children’s menus

Children’s meals can be booked directly when you book your flight and at no extra cost on all Lufthansa long-haul flights and various European flights.

You are also welcome to order our delicious children’s menus at a later date online up to 24 hours before departure.

Baby food

Meals for babies and infants – such as baby food, mini sausages and soups – are also available on board Lufthansa flights – while stocks last. Please just bring your baby’s favourite food or bottle on board with you and we will happily warm it up for you.

Special meals

If you would like to order a special meal for your child for dietary, religious or nutritional reasons, our entire range of different special meals is available to you.