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For many journeys - especially long-haul flights - it is necessary to have proof of your Covid-19 documents (e.g. proof of vaccination) checked even before your departure and to present an entry declaration on entering the country. Use our free offer to have your documents checked and send us the Covid-19 documents required for your flight no sooner than 72 hours and no later than eight hours before departure. This means you will be notified in good time whether your Covid-19 documents are valid or whether you need to act urgently.

For travel to the USA

Passengers who do not have US citizenship and are not US residents are required by the US authorities to carry with them a printed version of the “Combined Passenger Disclosure and Attestation Form”. Please ensure that you can show the certificate at any time if required.

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Health Document Inspector

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Fast, simple and digital: your benefits

For many journeys it is necessary to have proof of your Covid-19 documents (e.g. proof of vaccination) checked even before your departure and to present an entry declaration on entering the country.

  • Be certain in good time that you have met all the relevant entry requirements
  • Fast and prompt notification if your Covid-19 documents are incomplete, incorrect or if something is missing
  • Your digital boarding pass is issued once your document check has been completed successfully
  • Get that good feeling that you will arrive at the airport with the correct Covid-19 documents and so make your way to boarding relaxed

Required entry documents

Covid-19 documents that you usually have to upload include:

  • Digital entry declaration, depending on the requirements of the destination country
  • Proof of vaccination (ideally with a printed QR code) indicating that you have been fully vaccinated (in accordance with the current regulations from the Robert Koch Institute)
  • If applicable, official proof of a negative test result (test type in accordance with the requirements of the destination country)

If you do not wish to take advantage of our free offer, you can also present your Covid-19 documents at the check-in desk.

This is how to upload your entry documents

Check the entry requirements for your destination country and put together all the digital Covid-19 documents you need. Make sure that you use the correct file format and that your documents are legible.


Upload your complete entry documents encrypted using the form (up to eight hours before departure).


Your Covid-19 documents are uploaded in encrypted form and we will then only check that they are complete and correct.


You will receive confirmation that the documents are valid or you will receive feedback that the Covid-19 documents you submitted are incomplete or invalid.


We will issue your digital boarding pass after successful verification of your Covid-19 documents.


Questions and answers about the digital document check

Information about data protection and the processing of your information

Providing you consent to the processing of your information in accordance with Art. 9(2)(a) GDPR, your travel-related booking information and the entry documents referred to above will be uploaded via the encrypted web form. The data is processed by our Health Entry Support Centre solely for the purpose of checking that you have complied with the entry requirements of the country concerned. You will be notified of the result of the check by email. The data and documents you provided will be deleted no later than 48 hours after your arrival at your destination.

Some countries require proof of valid foreign travel insurance for entry. Please check the regulations of your destination country. 

The Health Document Check does not check your passport or visa data. You should therefore upload your passport only if the country you are travelling to requires a Covid test with confirmation of your identity.

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